Mar 2022 18

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OG•EZ•OR continues to pursue its own brand of sci-fi-inspired cybermetal and electro/rock with the release of “The Space-Time Travellers,” the band’s second single of the year. The song presents the duo of F-2301 and K-74 picking up where the “Quantum Relay” single left off, searching for their true identities past the boundaries of space and time, set to the band’s blend of western atmosphere and pure electronically-driven metal. Released today, March 18, “The Space-Time Travellers” is available to stream/purchase via Bandcamp, with OG•EZ•OR currently working on a full-length concept record, titled Distortion Process, to follow up on 2021’s Quantum Gates EP. The band had initially formed in 2017 under the moniker of Entropy Zero, releasing the Mind Miachine debut in early 2018; rebranded as OG•EZ•OR, the album was re-released and expanded as Mind Machine: A New Experience in late 2019. Distortion Process is expected to be released this Spring.


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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