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U.K. industrial artist Matt Hart has announced the release of a new single, “Triolith.” Mixed by Adi Caef (DNA Studio) and mastered by Addz Milner, the track will be accompanied by a remix of “Requiem” by Xavier Swafford of 3TEETH. The song is the first in a series of singles under the banner of Tales of Terra, which continue the narrative from Hart’s Terra 3808 album of the last human survivors in a distant future controlled by machines; further explaining the story, Hart says, “The Outlaws are hunkered down in a bunker, only leaving to engage in reconnaissance missions, one of which ends in many casualties. What they find is a huge three tower structure – the Triolith – in construction. What it’s for is unclear.” Remixes from the Chaos Rising trilogy by Nitro/Noise, Mxd_Bld, Monomorte, Witch of the Vale, and Metalogue – which were all previously only available as Bandcamp exclusives – will also be included with the single, which will be released on March 6.


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