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Electro/alt. rock band LOWBORN has released a video for the new single “Dark Inside,” an infectiously beat driven, synth heavy track chronicling the intense spiraling of toxic relationships and depression. Inspired by the “found footage” style of The Blair Witch Project, the video was shot in a reportedly haunted building built in 1910, with limited lighting resulting in an unsettling darkness while filming, which the band described as a nerve-wracking experience; “It was only made creepier when we found out there have been multiple ghost sightings in the upstairs where we filmed the video,” LOWBORN comments, “They say it’s the ghost of a boy and his younger sister.” “Dark Inside” was shot, directed, and edited by Canopy, while the single can be streamed or purchased via all major digital outlets.

Hailing from Greensboro, NC, the quartet has in the short time since its inception in 2018 garnered praise for presenting a dynamic live presence, along with numerous singles. While often assigned the tag of emo/pop, the band has been leaning more and more toward a synth-driven brand of alt. rock with each new track.


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