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The Seas - A SeparationThe Seas
Category: Alternative / Experimental
Album: A Separation
Stars: 4
Blurb: The debut album from Kentucky experimental rockers, The Seas is an excellent example of how a self-released album should sound like.


With influences like Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and Deftones, it’s no wonder why this first release by The Seas sounds as good as it sounds. “Your’re the One We’ve Been Waiting For” starts you off with exactly those influences. The album Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails quickly comes to mind when this introduction track whispers in your ears and blends right into the following track, “Judas.” “The Great Wave” and “A Separation” show off even more of their influences very well and they flow with great ease, showing off their electronic side of things, yet still keeping it heavy. The production and mixing of this album is surprisingly great for doing the work on their own and other bands that are trying to get off the ground should take note that it is totally possible to have a great sounding first release! All in all, this is a solid first release from The Seas and individuals who enjoy down-tuned guitars with a hint of electronic atmosphere should not pass this up.
Track list:

  1. You’re the One We’ve Been Waiting For
  2. Judas
  3. Human Condition
  4. Lost at Sea
  5. The Great Wave
  6. A Separation
  7. United Divided
  8. Paper Moon
  9. Paper Sky
  10. Meltdown

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Shane Siegfried (SS)

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