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Category: Shoegazer / Electro / Rock
Album: You Tell Me
Stars: 3
Blurb: Shoegazing the celestial depths with a Brit-hop edge, Dean Garcia and Rose Berlin guide the listener on a lush audio journey.


Curve may be no more, but Dean Garcia remains a prolific and exciting talent, bringing his smooth bass playing and edgy production to a variety of artists. With SPC ECO, Garcia teams up with vocalist Rose Berlin to create a lush mix of psychedelic shoegazing atmosphere and grungy rock textures evocative of his style in Curve, but with a much more celestial bent. Having released the 3-D full-length in 2009 and a number EPs since, You Tell Me is a collection of the new and the old, featuring four selections from previous releases. From the onset of the rhythmic and melancholy “Gone,” Berlin’s saccharine sweet voice hovers angelically atop grinding distorted ambience and groovy Brit-hop beats reminiscent of Curve’s earlier releases. The Sonic Mantra remix of the song that closes You Tell Me out presents a greater variety of beat and tone, incorporating rubbery electronic bass and slowed breakbeats that is just a tad less noisy, but equally as engaging. The same can be said of other songs like “Fading Out” with its ghostly guitar feedback and reverberating vocals and “All My Love” with its slow and steady beat and entrancing pads and sequences creating a sense of spacey expanses. Similarly, “Fall a Million Ways” presents a much sparser, almost jazzy arrangement of subtle piano and fuzzy synths, a languid drum loop moving leisurely as Berlin’s voice fills the air as a dirty blues guitar solo takes over the coda. “Out of Reach” twinkles like a lullaby with its pleasant keyboards while “Forever Each Day” is an energetic romp with a melody that reminds this writer of New Order if filtered through My Bloody Valentine. An intriguing oddity on the album comes in the form of “Let It Out,” instrumentally identical to “Something Familiar” from Curve’s 1998 album Come Clean (perhaps a pun on its original title?), save for Berlin’s breathier, higher vocal register. Listening to You Tell Me is like taking a slow sail through the depths of interstellar space, the sweet melodies akin to Julee Cruise guiding us through the myriad of electronic noise and rocking ambience. Featuring a complement of guest musicians, Dean Garcia has effectively recaptured the spirit of his previous band, with just enough of a modern flavor to keep it sounding fresh to the uninitiated listener. As well, the album is a wonderful showcase for Rose Berlin’s beautiful vocal range. Fans of Curve will surely find much to enjoy in SPC ECO, although – not that he has anything to prove – the inherent similarities between the two does stand some scrutiny lest Garcia settle into a creative lull unbefitting his musical skills.
Track list:

  1. Gone
  2. Fading Out
  3. Calling
  4. Big Fat World
  5. Let It Out
  6. Forever Each Day
  7. All My Love
  8. Silo Too High
  9. Fall a Million Ways
  10. See You on the Other Side
  11. Out of Reach
  12. You Tell Me (Buzz Mix)
  13. Gone (Sonic Mantra Remix)

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