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Album CoverViolet Silhouette
Category: Synthpop / Post-Punk
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 2023-10-20
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


From West Palm Beach, FL comes Violet Silhouette with FEVERBLUE marking the band’s second EP release; through these six tracks, the band seeks to attain the highest understanding of love through extreme sensory experience, applying the term of “neoromanticism.” Such a description is as good as any given the trio’s employment of distinctly ‘80s-inspired sounds – from the generous application of reverb and chorus effects to the guitars, to the striking and syncopated electronic drumbeats, and cold yet vivacious keyboard passages that have helped bands like Korine and The Black Queen to reach that upper echelon of ‘80s new wave revivalism. Where Violet Silhouette stands out is in the vocal treatments, as the strange harmonization of lower and higher pitches creates a rather unique effect that enhances the strength of the melodies. This is especially so on the opening “Strange Wind,” and even more so on “Hierda Demoniaca,” and given an even more haunting, hovering quality on “Set in Stone,” all of which serving to dreamily etch these tunes in the listeners’ minds. “Under the Table” is brightly saccharine as bubbling electronics pop to a spry drumbeat, while the lovely “Urchin” concludes the EP with some resonant keyboard lines, a strongly throbbing bass, and forceful beats that demand to be heard on a dancefloor. With the cover artwork hinting at the arrested lighting of a Magritte or Hopper painting, FEVERBLUE almost sounds like a soundtrack to a saddened lovelorn evening recovering from heartache and too much booze at an ‘80s club night… hey, sounds great t’me.
Track list:

  1. Strange Wind
  2. Pinkish Mountains
  3. Hierda Demoniaca
  4. Under the Table
  5. Set in Stone
  6. Urchin

Violet Silhouette
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