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Album CoverTwin Tribes
Album: Altars
Category: Darkwave / Post-Punk
Label: Negative Gain Productions / Manic Depression Records / Young & Cold Records
Release Date: 2021-04-09


The Altars remix collection by darkwave duo Twin Tribes takes us to the club with a delightfully nostalgic spin on songs from the band’s first two albums. The Skeleton Hands remix of “The River” kicks things off with a hypnotic arpeggiated synth and syncopated hi-hat before the four-on-the-floor kick comes in. The bell-like lead synth and drum fills give it a little bit of a Substance-era New Order feel, only darker. By contrast, the Luz Futuro remix of “Dark Crystal” has a playful quality to it as it’s faster than the original with classic ‘80s drum machine fills and poppy synths. Altars is not afraid to veer into the weird and dissonant at times, such as the haunting intro of the Ash Code remix of “Fantasmas” and the hard-hitting gritty beats of Matte Blvck’s remix of “Shadows.” Many of the contributing artists brought their own style to the album, such as on the She Past Away remix of “Portal to the Void,” which dials down the original to a sparser arrangement, reminiscent of the Turkish band’s minimalist, subdued style. Right on its heels is the Bootblacks take on “Avalon,” definitely one to dance to with its energetic synth bass and drums. The album showcases the versatility of Twin Tribes’ sound as well as the diversity of the dark alternative scene as a whole, just as a good remix album should. In an era where many artists within the scene are breaking down genre barriers and citing musical influences that span multiple decades, it feels very much like the place to be right now and definitely one to pick up if you’re craving variety.
Track list:

  1. The River [Skeleton Hands Remix]
  2. Tower of Glass [Geometric Vision Remix]
  3. Dark Crystal [Luz Futuro Remix]
  4. Fantasmas [Ash Code Remix]
  5. Perdidos [Cult of Alia Remix]
  6. Upir [NITE Remix]
  7. Exilio [Wingtips Remix]
  8. Shadows [Matte Blvck Remix]
  9. Still in Still [Dave Parley Remix]
  10. Portal to the Void [She Past Away Remix]
  11. Avalon [Bootblacks Remix]
  12. Talisman [Creux Lies Remix]

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