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Album CoverThe Rain Within
Album: Hungry Like the Wolf EP
Category: Synthwave / Electro / New Wave
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Release Date: 2020-10-02


Charlottesville, VA’s The Rain Within has always managed to pull off the impressive feat of creating a synthwave project that, unlike much of the music that falls within that label, is interesting and fresh while retaining its retro charm. Although perhaps better known as the vocalist for goth band Bella Morte, Andy Deane feels comfortable in this element, with this latest EP release titled after the 1982 Duran Duran classic “Hungry Like the Wolf,” the cover version of which makes up the primary selling point. Cover songs can typically be faithful recreations of the source track that prove largely unnecessary, complete reworkings, or a band putting its own seasoning on a popular release; this rendition falls into the latter of the three categories, as it is immediately apparent by the 95 BPM tempo that The Rain Within has chosen to make this version their own. With well sung vocals rivaling Simon Le Bon himself, and the trademark bright yet dark synthesizer sounds throughout the track, the band does a solid job of putting its own flavor on a classic, while not inherently changing many of the elements that made the original so popular. That said, if you were not a fan of the original song in the first place, very little presented here will change your mind. The heavily new wave influenced “Delicate” fits nicely next to the Duran Duran cover, but lacks the groove and some of the purer synthwave elements of the more recent The Rain Within material. Rounding off the release is a remixed version of the track “Like the Devil,” originally from the band’s last full-length release, Atomic Eyes, and remixed by the witch house group V▲LH▲LL. Putting a gloomy spin on the original without complete overshadowing its appeal, it is vastly different than the other two tracks on the EP, but makes for a well done remix by a group who, similar to The Rain Within, has managed to find a distinct sound within a specific subgenre filled with subpar music. The commitment to checking out a release like this is very minimal, so it’s relatively easy to recommend something this short. However, these 15 minutes of music are absolutely worth it if you are a fan of The Rain Within, if for no other reason that to hear the project’s take on a classic.
Track list:

  1. Hungry Like the Wolf
  2. Delicate
  3. Like the Devil [V▲LH▲LL Remix]

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