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Album CoverThe Last Odonians
Album: Based On Your Interests
Category: Doom / Industrial / Rock
Label: Adventurous Music
Release Date: 2022-01-17


Little is known about noise rock band The Last Odonians, but one thing that can be stated immediately is that they have mastered the fuzzy bass sound. From “Emptiness” through “The Unwar Machine,” the band’s debut EP, Based On Your Interests rides a buzzing, deathly rock groove (but little else) through a simple and straightforward 22 minutes.

The band has a very simplistic approach to its doomy industrial sound, with low tempos, atmospheric textures, and sporadic but evident use of electronics. However, the vocals are virtually unintelligible as heavy distortion and echo render what potentially could be a deeper context to the music a moot point. It’s not that The Last Odonians are the only band to modify the vocals down to purely noise; it’s mostly that this style of music doesn’t really lend itself to that sound choice. This leaves the listener wondering what message could be lurking behind the distortion, and it takes away from the experience as a whole.

The tempo and energy of the record picks up significantly with “That’s Fucking Capitalism,” with the distorted bass line riding on an airy drum arrangement a bit reminiscent of a later era Nine Inch Nails groove. Nevertheless, the absence of listenable vocals still creates more questions than answers. The album ends with a sub two-minute track that builds tension and never resolves it… it simply ends. This is perhaps the perfect allegory for Based On Your Interests – interesting sounds that seem like they’re going somewhere, but some questionable stylistic choices leave the listener wondering what could have been.
Track list:

  1. Emptiness
  2. Based On Your Interests
  3. Idiot’s Dance
  4. State of Mind
  5. The Hypocrite
  6. That’s Fucking Capitalism
  7. The Unwar Machine

The Last Odonians
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