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Album CoverThe Joy Thieves
Album: This Will Kill That EP
Category: Industrial / Rock / Punk
Label: Armalyte Industries
Release Date: 2019-06-28


Featuring musicians from a myriad of bands in the underground alternative and industrial scenes, The Joy Thieves makes an auspicious debut with the This Will Kill That EP. From the beginning shouts of “Shut your fucking mouth and do exactly what I say,” you know you’re in for a musical thrill ride as caustic punk/rock gives way to an anthemic chorus that announces the band’s arrival in grand fashion. On each of the six tracks, the juxtaposition of electrified production with a vibrant blend of post-grunge alt. rock, punk, and industrial makes for a vibe that is very distinctly Chicago. Just listen to “Chemical Dreams” with the throaty raspy vocals atop staccato guitars and marching beats, set to a sparse atmosphere that is sheer lyrical aggression the likes of which is sure to remind many of Gub-era Pigface, or the punchy riffs and steely electronics of “Tempting the Flames” and “This Will Kill That,” the latter’s chorus chants undeniably catchy and Chris Connelly’s vocals irresistibly in-your-face. There is a pulsating urgency to “Violent Lucidity” and especially “Honeycomb and Silk” with their upbeat tribal-esque percussion and mechanical assembly line vibes, the thrums of vicious bass and scratchy guitars creating a vicious rock & roll backdrop to the seething overdriven vocals that will take many back to the late ‘80s when WaxTrax! reigned supreme in the Windy City. To call The Joy Thieves a supergroup would be something of a misnomer as this is not a band with a defined sound, but one open to evolution and change with each new member – each Joy Thief, as it were – bringing a new flavor to keep listeners on their toes and keep the music always fun. Indeed, one can tell that the participants of this endeavor were enjoying themselves, which promises greater things to come from The Joy Thieves.
Track list:

  1. Joy Thieves
  2. This Will Kill That
  3. Chemical Dreams
  4. Tempting the Flames
  5. Violent Lucidity
  6. Honeycomb and Silk

The Joy Thieves
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