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Album CoverThe Joy Thieves
Album: Genocide Love Song EP
Category: Industrial / Rock / Punk
Label: Armalyte Industries
Release Date: 2020-05-15


The Genocide Love Song EP follows hot on the heels of A Blue Girl, marking the second EP release from Chicago industrial/alt. rock collective The Joy Thieves in 2020, and although it is light on quantity, the quality of these four tracks is more than enough to compensate. With Chris Connelly’s voice once again front-and-center and at its most virulent, “Genocide Love Song” is pure industrialized blunt force trauma, it’s pulsating rhythms and abrasive synth and guitar textures recalling the most powerful moments the genre has offered. Dan Milligan’s Inconvenient mix of the track ups the ante with a heavier emphasis on its hip-shaking groove, the crunchy bass and guttural synths at once funky and vicious while the samples add an effect that add an almost whimsical potency to the lyrics. The same can be said of the Chib mix of “The Badlander,” the pulsating beats and bass contrasting with the punklike energy of the original, the lyrics losing none of their power, but it is Howie Beno’s and Brandt Gassman’s Treuhand rendition of “A Blue Girl” that accentuates the inherent flippancy and diversity of The Joy Thieves; refashioned as “I Blew a New Girl,” this new version maintains the saccharine qualities of the original, Matthew Clark’s scathing vocals mangled amid chunky dub bass lines and electrified synth passages that are sure to inspire a few slinky and slithery bodily motions. Not unlike the Cities in Dust EP last year, Genocide Love Song serves as a complementary single to offer a new track and some remixes, and from such an assorted and motley bunch such as The Joy Thieves, it’s enough that the material this EP provides is an enjoyable if not essential addition to the band’s growing discography.
Track list:

  1. Genocide Love Song
  2. The Badlander [Chib Mix]
  3. I Blew a New Girl
  4. Genocide Love Song [An Inconvenient Mix]

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