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Album CoverTAYNE
Album: Coherent EP
Category: Industrial / Rock / Shoegaze
Label: Armalyte Industries
Release Date: 2021-07-02


Despite some hooky songwriting and excellent production that mixed noise with electro and post-rock, the vocals on Matthew Sutton’s 2018 Breathe debut under his TAYNE moniker left a lot to be desired, going out of tune on a regular basis and having an unsteady feel, some of which may have been on purpose. The Coherent EP marks a change in sound for Sutton, its four tracks taking a darker, heavier, more atmospheric turn. “Silent” has bigger drums, heavier guitars, and more screaming vocals, but keeps bits of the electronics from Breathe. Sutton hasn’t completely changed his vocal style, instead limiting it to the parts that work better, sticking to a kind of falsetto that keeps his voice steadier. The tradeoff is that there’s a whine to him that resembles Benjamin Jared Miller from HEALTH more than a little bit, although with a more aggressive timbre from time to time. “Corrupt” is a slow build of dissonant organ and minimal yet bombastic drums that gives way to heavy metal guitars and vocals that does well to close the EP out proper. The Poisonous Birds remix of “Coherent” is a complete rework of the track in a minimal acid techno style with very little of the vocals reused. It’s well done, but has a very different tone than the rest of the EP. Similarly, the Jesu remix of “Silence” keeps the track structure in place, but strips out certain electronic elements to make the track feel sparser and more atmospheric. It feels less like a remix and more like an alternate version of the song that can easily be adopted by the band as their own. Despite some vocal issues, Coherent demonstrates that Sutton has figured out the direction he wants to take TAYNE and feels confident in doing so. Unfortunately, that direction steers a little too close to HEALTH’s sound, coming across as a somewhat inferior version of that band. Hopefully, this is just a temporary point in TAYNE’s evolution, and Sutton can continue to grow into his own sound.
Track list:

  1. Niamer
  2. Silence
  3. Coherent
  4. Corrupt
  5. Coherent [Poisonous Birds Remix]
  6. Silence [Jesu Remix]

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