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Album CoverSymbolism
Album: Iced Out (7-Inch)
Category: Post-punk / Goth / Death Rock
Label: Self-released
Release date: 2021-06-12


Sometimes the stars align in an unusual configuration that defies logic, but results in a celestial event so cataclysmic that it simply must be marveled. Is this the case for Symbolism? Well, with a band comprised of former Christian Death members Rikk Agnew and James McGearty, ex-Samhain drummer London May, and former Stayte member DEViX on vocals, one can already imagine the sort of audio provocation that lies in store on this introductory single. Every element on “Iced Out” exudes relentless tension and fury, skirting the genre lines between a roaring and distorted form of classic death rock with a distinctly modern alt. metal edge; Agnew’s guitar leads, both angular and biting, match the acerbic energy of DEViX’s voice, at once melodic and unhinged, his screams of “Corruption, Denial, Reprisal” venomously resonating with the seemingly perpetual state of our social, cultural, and political zeitgeist. All the while, McGearty’s gritty and tonally caustic bass and May’s almost frenzied but sharply controlled drumming make for a powerful rhythm section not to be ignored or diminished, the whole song bearing a decidedly ghoulish edge. The single is then rounded out by a strident cover of Christian Death’s “Figurative Theatre,” the feedback and aggressive chug of of Agnew’s guitar hovering ominously behind DEViX’s slithery voice that in this writer’s opinion – one sure to earn him the ire of many a death rock fan – surpasses Rozz Williams in its presentation; there’s just something rawer and more stimulating about his rendition, sounding like a cross between Peter Murphy during his days in Bauhaus and Stayte’s Joshua Bradford. Once again, McGearty and May keep the backbeat steady and grinding, but far from mechanical, adding to the song’s already darkly sensuous groove. Only two songs in, and Symbolism is already charging in at full throttle, with these four veterans showing great promise to effectively redefine the very underground music they helped to create in the first place. Are we ready for this?
Track list:

  1. Iced Out
  2. Figurative Theatre [Symbolized]

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