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Album CoverSuicide Queen
Album: The Heart’s Conceit EP
Category: Industrial / Metal
Label: COP International
Release Date: 2023-05-05
Author: Ryan James (DreamXE)


Suicide Queen has wasted no time making a substantial impact with The Heart’s Conceit EP coming hot on the heels of the Oakland band’s full-length Nymphomaniac debut. Across the EP’s three tracks, it’s immediately evident that Suicide Queen is continuing to develop its sound, with perhaps the best reference point being “Witch,” a rerecording of a track of the same name from Nymphomaniac. A rerecording may seem a bit redundant, but it’s an effective demonstration of where the band seems to be going; the guitars are heavier, the vocals are bolder, and the overall sound is just plain louder and meaner. Title track “The Heart’s Conceit” mines that vein further, with some ominous piano giving way to a doomy riff before Kay Delores’s acid-laced wail takes over, repeatedly lashing the listener over crunchy guitars. “Your Grief Has Taken Many Forms” takes a different approach, employing a slower, but no less sinister build with Delores’ vocals taking on a lower, deeper tone among a sparse drum pattern and sporadic bursts of guitar building toward a towering chorus where Ron Graves’ riffs lurch and Delores erupts in a hellish, tortured howl. While Nymphomaniac was hardly subtle, The Heart’s Conceit finds Suicide Queen going for the jugular and tearing it out – powerful material, and a very efficient teaser that should whet the appetite of those eagerly awaiting the band’s forthcoming second full-length.
Track list:

  1. The Heart’s Conceit
  2. Your Grief Has Taken Many Forms
  3. Witch [2023]

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