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Album CoverSuicide Commando
Album: Goddestruktor
Category: Dark Electro / Industrial
Label: Out of Line Music
Release Date: 2022-07-22


Well into Suicide Commando’s third decade of existence, Johan Van Roy’s project is well established as a landmark presence in the scene, being one of the key acts that set the aggrotech genre on fire and spawned countless imitators and followers. Though the band’s influence is undeniable, Suicide Commando has been plagued by inconsistency for quite some time, with albums like Bind, Torture, Kill and Implements of Hell laying waste to the dancefloor, while more recent efforts have been a bit light on memorable material and only serve the most dedicated of fans. Unfortunately, Goddestruktor doesn’t quite buck this trend.

“Bang Bang Bang” and “Bunkerb!tch (Censored)” are the sort of big club tracks that have been Suicide Commando’s calling card for many a year now, featuring the harsh scraping beats, sinister synths, and distorted vocals that anyone with even a casual interest in the project are no doubt familiar with. While neither track is quite on the level of some of the dancefloor monsters in Suicide Commando’s catalog, they both have plenty of energy and a political slant that differentiates them from past efforts. “Destroyer of Worlds” is another decent club effort, splashing snippets of Robert Oppenheimer’s remarks on the atom bomb across a hard driving beat and synth arpeggios with minimal vocals. On the other hand, “Trick or Treat” and “Jesus Freak” are forgettable, hobbled by some grating sample choices and a lack of discernible hooks – a curse that spreads through much of the album at large, never quite allowing many of the tracks to stick in one’s memory past their playtime. “Land of Roses” is one exception that stands out late in the record, wisely dialing the tempo down and allowing guest vocalist Charlotte Nuytkens to take charge of the softer composition.

While not without its highlights, Goddestruktor is a rather uneven album, offering a delightful moment just as often as it disappoints. Though nothing on the record is outright poor as such, it can’t quite measure up to the successes Suicide Commando has enjoyed in the past. Devoted fans will undoubtedly derive a great deal of enjoyment from Goddestruktor, but others will likely find the album’s shortcomings more difficult to overlook.
Track list:

  1. Kill All Humanity
  2. I’d Die For You [V2.0]
  3. God of Destruction
  4. Jesus Freak
  5. Sterbehilfe (Euthanasia 2021)
  6. Destroyer of Worlds
  7. Land of Roses
  8. Bang Bang Bang
  9. Sin
  10. Trick or Treat
  11. Bunkerbitch (Censored)

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