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Album CoverStatiqbloom
Album: Kain
Category: Industrial / Techno / EBM
Label: Sonic Groove Records
Release Date: 2024-03-08
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


Fade Kainer continues to carry the mantle of Statiqbloom as this latest album picks right up from where 2022’s Threat left off, still experimenting beyond the parameters of industrial and noise with intricate production and deceptive arrangements. Highly percussive in nature, every track attacks the listener with beat structures and whiplash tones that if not for their techno/EBM thrust, one could be forgiven for thinking Kainer had gone down a Neubauten-inspired rabbit hole and implemented an arsenal of various scrap metal accoutrements (perhaps he did, or perhaps they’re just excellent samples). All the while, the synth drones never deviating from a monotonous anchor for the winding and complex rhythmic patterns and progressions; such is the case in the opening “Face Annihilation,” as the snarling soundscapes indicate a delineation and decimation of the artist’s identity, leaving a mere fetish or avatar for the listener to grasp, but only vaguely. This continues in the squelching sequences hovering persistently like a helicopter in “Obsidian Obscura,” the aptly titled atmospheres of “Cold Steel Howl,” or the steely, sneering grind of “Treacherous Eyes.” If that last album left you yearning for the more vocally inclined mechanoid gloom of the band’s past, Kain offers the barest of compromise as “Cessation of Light” features some drastically obscured vocal repetitions that seem to aurally disintegrate amid the beats striking like laser blasts, while “Hidden From Form” seethes with insidiously distorted vocals in a post-industrial cybernetic backdrop. With the title stemming from his very name, Kain seems very much an assertion of his current musical identity as Statiqbloom moves steadfastly down this path of industrialized techno and heavy EBM. It’s sure to please genre enthusiasts, while the unfaithful will likely be reeling from auditory overload.
Track list:

  1. Face Annihilation
  2. Fire of the Heart
  3. Obsidian Obscura
  4. Cessation of Light
  5. Hidden From Form
  6. Cold Steel Howl
  7. Treacherous Eyes
  8. The Earth Drank Blood

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