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Album CoverStatiqbloom
Album: Beneath the Whelm
Category: Industrial
Label: Metropolis Records
Release Date: 2020-07-10


When listening to Beneath the Whelm, it becomes apparent that Statiqbloom is taking an even darker approach from past releases, which might not have seemed possible to some given the band’s creative trajectory thus far. From the onset, the listener is immediately greeted by abstract sounds creating an oppressive atmosphere likened to a total system collapse, a voice appearing from the somewhat restricted chaos of noise, pulling the listener down. As with all of Statiqbloom’s work, Beneath the Whelm offers the ambience of a gloom and doom with a dash of rhythm to create a soundtrack for those who wish to spend the end of days at the club. Melodic lines crawl forth periodically from the dirt and grit of this album – not too much, not too little – and vocally speaking, there’s an even more seductive quality, beckoning the listener to follow deeper into the darkness until perhaps you’re swallowed whole. There is a clear evolution of exploring sound design in a coherent and often catchy manner, and while one might feel the lack of variety in the vocals during the first few tracks makes each song sound too much alike, one could also see this is a way of creating a complete experience rather than just a collection of separate songs. Consequently, the album flows quite nicely and is comparable to watching a dystopian movie. Making an appearance on the album is Atilla Csihar from Norwegian black metal band Mayhem; an interesting choice for sure as he is certainly known for possessing no limits and never shying away from experimenting beyond the metal genre. Csihar arrives to deliver the creep factor he’s known for on “The Second Coming,” which adds new flavor to the proceedings. This album may require multiple listens as there is plenty of sonic nuance and subtlety within that may escape the listeners upon their initial meeting. As such, it’s a record that must be experienced to its full extent – put down your phone with total attention applied to one’s ears. There’s a clear aural identity carved out during the mechanical wasteland that is Beneath the Whelm. It’s slow, gloomy, and seductive, making it one of Statiqbloom’s most accomplished outings.
Track list:

  1. Playing Its Blades
  2. Alcestis
  3. Restless
  4. Ghost Deep
  5. The Second Coming (feat. Attila Csihar)
  6. Black Lava
  7. Buried
  8. Still Here
  9. Last Song

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