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Album CoverStatic-X
Album: Project Regeneration Vol. 1
Category: Industrial / Alt. Metal / Evil Disco
Label: Otsego Entertainment Group
Release Date: 2020-07-10


Despite the tumult of personality clashes and legal issues that followed as Wayne Static embarked on a solo career in 2010 and later toured under the banner of Static-X with his solo lineup, fans held out hope for a true reunion of the band, only to be dashed by Static’s untimely passing in November 2014. Six years later, the original members of the band – bassist Tony Campos, drummer Ken Jay, and guitarist Koichi Fukuda – teamed up with the enigmatic Xer0 to pay tribute to their fallen comrade with the first volume of Project Regeneration. Culling material from the late front man’s many instrumental and vocal recordings, the band has assembled and completed an album that actually captures the true spirit of Static-X’s signature brand of “evil disco,” an industrious blend of alt. metal riffs and scathing electronic textures with darkly lyrical songwriting. For instance, “Worth Dyin’ For” will immediately transport listeners back to the guttural and rhythmic scorn of “Bled For Days,” the chorus pulsating with danceable fury as Xer0 harmonizes seamlessly with Static’s voice, while the onslaught of trance sequences with cold and caustic riffs on “Bring You Down” and the brute force minimalism of “Follow,” on which Jay’s percussive assaults and the aforementioned harmonies shine brightest, are sure to send listeners into fits of moshing frenzy. The band’s gothic influences are clearest on “All These Years” as the song’s primary melody mirrors that of The Cure’s “One Hundred Years,” the steely bass and searing riffs also calling to mind “Love Dump,” but it’s “Something Of My Own” that stands as one of the album’s best with one of the most striking vocal hooks Static ever sang. Other songs like “Terminator Oscillator,” “Accelerate,” “My Destruction,” and “Otsego Placebo” showcase Xer0’s own talents and reverence as he vocally resurrects the spirit of Wayne Static in such a way that few will be able to tell the two apart, samples from Total Recall and other classic sci-fi scattered among the blistering electronic backdrops in a rather ominous fashion. Finally, the slow burn and thunderous march of “Dead Souls” concludes the album as strums of acoustic guitar and resonant synths create a mournful ambience underscoring shrill distortions and the exchanging vocals of Static and MINISTRY’s Al Jourgensen, bringing the first volume of Project Regeneration to a satisfying close. It is perhaps the highest honor the band could have paid to their lost front man to not only complete the music he started, but in doing so also create one of the best entries in Static-X’s discography. Some may see it as little more than a conceit that to have Ulrich Wild – the producer of the band’s 1999 Wisconsin Death Trip debut – onboard to co-produce, mix, and master the album, but not since that album has Static-X sounded so raw yet so refined with a clear sense of artistic purpose and stylistic cohesion. Also contributing is a bevy of other close associates like Nikk Dibbs, Tommy Shaffner, and even visual accompaniment by director Matt Zane and photographer Jeremy Safer, all in an effort to make Project Regeneration the ultimate celebration of the life and music of Wayne Richard Wells.
Track list:

  1. Regeneration
  2. Hollow
  3. Worth Dyin’ For
  4. Terminator Oscillator
  5. All These Years
  6. Accelerate
  7. Bring You Down
  8. My Destruction
  9. Something of My Own
  10. Otsego Placebo
  11. Follow
  12. Dead Souls (feat. Al Jourgensen)

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