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Album: Initial Decay Control
Category: Darkwave / Electro / Industrial
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 2020-01-28


Following the release of three singles in 2019, the electro/industrial outfit SPANKTHENUN has now released its first full-length album, Initial Decay Control, to the masses. Though primarily a solo project from Eric Hanes, he frequently utilizes his brother Jeremy, with whom he has collaborated for more than a decade. Together, they have released a debut album filled with dark, glitchy electronics, a penchant for witty sampling, and vocals that are mostly presented in a spoken and often distortion-laden manner. Having said in multiple interviews that he was going for “an early ‘90s vibe,” Hanes largely pulls it off. Initial Decay Control is bookended by two of the band’s most successful attempts at creating grooving, danceable industrial/EBM, with the lead single and opening track, “Glitch,” doing a fine job of setting the tone for the album with its heavy beats and vocals reminiscent of a significant influence of Eric’s: Raymond Watts. The final track is probably SPANKTHENUN’s most notable song (in the band’s brief history), the previously released first single, “Rotting Meat [Mind Control],” presented in its remixed form by industry stalwart Claus Larsen of Leæther Strip. It continues the stylings of the rest of the album, while clearly showing Larsen’s impact with a thumping melody that exhibits their strongest attributes. The most impressive song, however, might be the second track, “Burn.” A seemingly simple stomper, it assaults the listener with pummeling electronics, pessimistic vocals, and cleverly placed samples that really hearken back to the coldwave style from the early ‘90s that Hanes was assumingly trying to show reverence for. After 12 tracks, it can be said that SPANKTHENUN’s goal has been met as there is an undeniably old-school industrial feel to Initial Decay Control, while also showcasing that the project has its own original spin on the genre. Two songs presented in their remixed for – the aforementioned “Rotting Meat” and the other pre-released single, “Slow Suicide,” which was reimagined by Slighter’s Colin Cameron Allrich – may not be in the band’s best interest on subsequent releases, but Initial Decay Control shows enough promise to look forward to future output from the Hanes brothers.
Track list:

  1. Glitch
  2. Burn
  3. Carbon Responder
  4. Swallow
  5. Sometimes
  6. Sin
  7. Slow Suicide
  8. Killx3
  9. Altered Carbon
  10. Dance Fight or Die
  11. Beautiful
  12. Rotting Meat [Mind Control]

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Ian M. Donnoe (imdonnoe)

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