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Album CoverSoftenon Babe
Album: De Morte Per Ciborum EP
Category: Dark Ambient / Death Industrial
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 2023-09-09
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


Coming to terms with the limitations and fragility of one’s own body is no easy prospect, so it’s understandable that an EP like Softenon Babe’s De Morte Per Ciborum would not be the most comfortable of listening experiences. Drawing heavily on the influence of the kind of blackened death industrial and dark ambient sounds championed by labels like Cold Meat Industry, the artist uses the project to address her own physical condition with the kind of unhindered sincerity of Pharmakon or Lingua Ignota, while also applying her experience to wider scopes of historical context. As such, the three tracks on De Morte Per Ciborum specifically delve into cases of fatal epidemics related to food, each presenting minimal arrangements of sustained drones, disparate voices and samples, occasional clangs and clanks of sparse percussion, and the subtle accumulation of electronic effects to suggest a rhythm more subliminal than overt. “Ignis Sacer” begins the proceedings touching on the medieval dancing manias, the sounds coalescing steadily into a coarse metallic loop that finally fades out to an insistent chime of a grandfather clock. Guttural and groaning swells of bass and obscured spoken word give voice to the Ukrainian famine of the 1930s on “Holodomor,” the steady application of delay and other effects transforming the words into ghostly rhythmic accompaniments, leaving “Daisy’s Dementia” to conclude the EP with a roaring intensity, as if the Mad Cow Disease of the ‘90s was a living, ravening beast. Across nearly 20 minutes, De Morte Per Ciborum presents the folly of man in conflict their his own nature, where our very sustenance is what kills us. It likely won’t convert non-genre enthusiasts, but those with an open mind and a strong constitution should partake of what Softenon Babe has to offer.
Track list:

  1. Ignis Sacer
  2. Holodomor
  3. Daisy’s Dementia

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