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Album CoverSNOG
Album: Lullabies For the Lithium Age
Category: Electro / Industrial
Label: Metropolis Records
Release date: 2020-04-24


When longtime anti-corporatist provocateur David Thrussell entered semi-retirement in 2015, it was a very different world. His work as SNOG has always been marked by a keen sardonic wit as Thrussell attempted to rouse listeners from their Brave New World-like stupor and open their eyes to corporate servitude they gleefully take part in. Lullabies For the Lithium Age finds SNOG returning in top form, although as the title would suggest, the album is calmer and more sedate than previous offerings. The more stripped-down electronic compositions found in Lithium… focus on melody and accentuating Thrussell’s whispery vocals. Seeming to reflect the dark turn the world has taken, it often feels like much of the dry humor of albums past has given way to despair and hopelessness and preparation for “the end.” The album is bookended by the soft, soothing tracks “The Reaper” and “Death Is Only a Dream,” both meant to relax us in the face of our impeding trips into oblivion. SNOG also revisits many of the themes found in his previous work, such as corporate enslavement in “Cog,” or our socially programmed “normal” life with “Ball and Chain,” but Lithium…’s mellow presentation of the themes can sometimes leave the listener a bit rattled as the eerie peace washes over them, like an airline pilot calmly coming over the intercom, “don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen, we’re just crashing.” The biggest highlight of the album, “Tear It All Down” is also one of the most moving as SNOG delivers a stirring eulogy for the modern world apparently destined for destruction. Lullabies For the Lithium Age is an impactful and at times emotionally draining album that pulls the listener between peace and panic, acceptance and despair as they try to balance the dissonance of the contents with the soothing manner in which it is delivered, challenging the listener in a new ways that are still very SNOG.
Track list:

  1. The Reaper
  2. Ball and Chain
  3. Cog
  4. Spaetzie Machine
  5. The Sweet, Sweet Treacle
  6. Birthday @ The Mall
  7. Tear It All Down
  8. Lee Harvey Oswald
  9. Savingseeds
  10. Death Is Only a Dream

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