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Album CoverSlichtnacht
Album: Gehasster
Category: Techno / EBM / Electro
Label: Acid Bath Records
Release Date: 2024-03-11
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


Mexico has proven to be a fertile ground for new proponents of the harder-edge electro/industrial sounds most commonly referred to as aggrotech and harsh EBM. Enter Signo Slichtnacht, whose latest effort on Acid Bath Records is as sharply focused a genre record as you can imagine. After the slowly atmospheric intro of “Looking into the Eyes of the Abyss,” Gehasster kicks into a full throttle assault of scorching synth leads, throbbing bass, pumping beats, all adorned with various samples in lieu of lead vocals – a characteristic of Slichtnacht’s sound that proves a welcome diversion from the distorted whisper/scream vocal style commonly associated with this genre. The only track to feature vocals, courtesy of Mikrometrik, is “Dark Emotions,” and while there is a somewhat maudlin charm about them, along with the atonal vocoder so reminiscent of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, they quickly prove that the music and production is the star here. From here, the title track takes things into the familiar syncopated bass and searing synth leads, the snares striking like whiplash, while the pads provide some semblance of a chord progression to counteract the monotony; the synths and the samples take centerstage in lieu of vocals, but from here, Gehasster settles into a singular rhythm from which it almost never deviates. At times, the melodies take on a ‘90s rave/techno character, especially on “The Bad Guy,” which along with the repetitions of manipulated samples from Scarface bearing a sort of quaint adolescence that carries on to the concluding remix by Eleven-FX; not terribly original or engaging, but still somewhat fun. Not much else can be said to describe Gehasster, and if you like your hard electro and EBM simple and direct, the album will provide. Just don’t expect too much else.
Track list:

  1. Looking into the Eyes of the Abyss
  2. Dark Emotions
  3. Gehasster
  4. To the Editor
  5. Ostinato
  6. Animal
  7. The Bad Guy
  8. Адвокат
  9. The Bad Guy [Eleven-FX Remix]

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Acid Bath Records
Website, Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram

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