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Album CoverSINE
Category: Industrial / Goth / Rock
Label: (Self-released)
Release Date: 2019-01-11


After a long buildup of anticipation and earning a sizable reputation as a drummer and performer in Austin, Rona Rougeheart breaks out with the debut album from her band SINE, INSOMNIÆ. From the onset, the sonic atmosphere she crafts on this album is one of power and fury, as if to take the listener on a walking tour through the grimy corners of an underground facility that is equal parts mechanical factory and lascivious brothel. The synths are shrill and caustic, the guitars croaking like a choking android, with the forceful blend of electronic and organic percussion creating an undeniable driving groove; tracks like “Drugs,” “Love High,” and “Fate and Superstition” are sure to have many boots stomping and hips grinding on the dance floor, while “Communion” and “Maybe” will have your fists waving with vicious industrial fervor. Other songs like “Blood Lust,” “Get In Get Off,” and “Temptation” slow things down for a more insidious yet darkly erotic tone, Rougeheart’s command of melodic songwriting and vocal harmonization shining brightly amid the blackened miasma. The same can be said of “Need to Bleed,” its haunting chorus reminding this writer of the stalking, predatory vibe of Recoil’s “Control Freak,” while “Feed the Vultures” is one hell of a rocker that is sure to be a hit at live shows. INSOMNIÆ is a loud album and is not easy on the ears. At times, the production quality feels quite gritty, but this is clearly part of SINE’s modus operandi, as if to force the listener through the punishment of the machine to find the humanity that lies within. If you can stand it, you’re sure to find some great songs here.
Track list:

  1. Communion
  2. Need to Bleed
  3. Drugs (feat. Curse Mackey)
  4. Love High
  5. Blood Lush
  6. Temptation
  7. Fate and Superstition
  8. Get In Get Off
  9. Feed the Vultures
  10. Maybe
  11. Temptation [Radio Edit]

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