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Album CoverSimon Carter & Fabsi
Album: Don’t Blink EP / Hex, Herbs ‘N’ Techno
Category: Industrial / Techno
Label: Self-released
Release: 2023-07-02 / 2023-07-03
Author: Stitch Mayo (StitchM)


Simon Carter returns with two potent concoctions in the form of the Don’t Blink EP and a second full-length release with Fabsi. The EP kicks off with “Don’t Blink” and sci-fi fans will instantly recognize the sample from, according to most diehards, the ultimate Doctor Who episode. The sample adds an extra layer of creepiness when accompanied by Carter’s techno palette. “There’s One at the Door” slows things down a notch, venturing into a deeper, darker soundscape, while “Simon (Booby Trap)” is a more lighthearted track that shares its name with the artist, keeping the energy high. The EP wraps up with three remixes of “Don’t Blink,” showcasing Carter’s versatility within the electronic music genres.

Album CoverThe sophomore album with Fabsi, Hex, Herbs ‘N” Techno follows on from 2022’s The Bitches Potion and is a hauntingly delightful blend of industrialized techno, trance, and spooky vibes. True to their influences, the British/German duo weaves occult themes throughout the album, not just in the lyrics but in the very sound design itself. “Cleansing” is a surefire dancefloor thumper, throbbing with a delectable energy that has an edge of the Chemical Brothers to its mantra-like synths and breathy overlays. Later, “Luna-Energien” takes us on a fantastic and dynamic tour de force that really showcases the caliber of production. The track builds steadily, layer upon layer of pulsating synths and driving percussion with the right elements satisfyingly employed at all the right points. But the undisputed standout track is “Moonchild,” a solid trance anthem featuring a vocal that seems to taunt and bedevil with the line “I’m a moonchild and you will be damned.” The hook is nothing short of an earworm and perfectly encapsulates the album’s essence – danceable, dark, and utterly captivating. Carter & Fabsi’s collaboration goes from strength to strength with Hex, Herbs ‘N’ Techno; uplifting, addictive, and a suitably potent dose of dark techno magic that doesn’t let up throughout.
Track list:
Don’t Blink EP

  1. Don’t Blink
  2. There’s One at the Door
  3. The Living and the Dead
  4. Simon (Booby Trap)
  5. Don’t Blink [Alternate Version]
  6. Don’t Blink [Industrial Version]
  7. Don’t Blink [Tech-House Version]
  8. Hexennacht Rave [Original Master]

Hex, Herbs ‘N’ Techno

  1. The Power of the Moon
  2. Cleansing
  3. Mondkind
  4. Luna-Energien
  5. Exorzieren
  6. Moonchild
  7. Die Kraft Des Mondes
  8. Aura of Grounding
  9. Säuberung
  10. Exorcise
  11. Aura der Erdung

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