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Album CoverSilent Weapon
Album: Purge
Category: Industrial / Electronic
Label: Blindsight Records
Release Date: 2022-11-11
Author: Ryan James (dreamXE)


Oxford artist Umair Chaudry has cut his teeth in a number of experimental bands while building up a small roster on his self-built Blindsight Records. Having been dubbed the Baron of Bleak in the local scene, it’s no surprise that Purge, his debut record under the Silent Weapon moniker, is an appropriately heavy slab of dark electronics resting upon a foundation of sinister atmosphere. Following a brief instrumental in “Bats” that evokes the sound of the titular creatures emerging from some otherworldly portal, “The Revolving Doors of Hell” is aptly named; heavy, lacerating beats form a hypnotic rhythm against washes of preternatural noise, while Chaudry’s wailing vocals attempt to rise above the din, as if confined in an abyss of his own creation. The album’s lead single “Eggshells” is another grim tour through a desolate landscape, justifying its over-seven-minute length by gradually building layers of squelching leads, crashing percussion, and ominous pads. The bass heavy “I Know I See” is especially noteworthy for experimenting with dubby hip-hop breaks to the album’s palette of sinister electronics, crafting an impressive track that wouldn’t sound out of place on Godflesh’s Love and Hate in Dub – no mean feat. “Down to Size” brings the pace to a crawl with lurching beats and Chaudry’s distorted vocals slithering among harrowing synths, while “Blood Drip” scrapes and pulses through the speakers with meticulously crafted layers of rhythmic noise. While some of Chaudry’s influences may be quite glaring at times, particularly the aforementioned Justin K. Broadrick/Godflesh, he has managed to craft his own style and spin that keeps the album sounding fresh and inventive rather than dull and derivative. Unrelentingly noisy and unforgiving, Purge is an impressive debut, firmly establishing Silent Weapon as an act worth tracking.
Track list:

  1. Bats
  2. The Revolving Doors of Hell
  3. Eggshells
  4. I Know I See
  5. Obligate Intracranial Parasite
  6. Blood Drip
  7. Down to Size
  8. Enlightenment’s Evil Twin
  9. I’d Give Anything Not to Feel [2022 Redux]

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