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Album CoverSilent Cure
Album: An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams
Category: Electronic / Synthwave
Label: Monograph Records
Release date: 2022-02-11


Giving an album a title like An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams begs it to be taken either too seriously or not seriously at all. Fortunately, anonymous producer Silent Cure avoids this trap with some humor and succinct songs. While vaporwave and synthwave can rely too much on the nostalgia triggered by certain sounds or song structures, Silent Cure evokes the ‘80s and ‘90s without aping conventions too closely. Starting with the slow buildup of “Silent Love Song” (is this a Bob’s Burgers joke?), which uses exactly the right amount of echo to straddle the border between synthesized shoegaze and witch house, An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams continues through several exercises in blending EBM, techno, and ‘80s soundtrack music, with slightly restrained chillout excursions. The centerpiece of the album is “So Annoyed,” a masterful version of a type of midtempo track perfected by Primal Scream that both honors the general idea and defies the listener’s expectations. A female vocalist confronts their partner with the accusation, “You seem annoyed by my face / you seem annoyed by my voice…” while backed by a slow breakbeat, drawn-out organs, and twangy guitar. A deeper male voice responds, “So annoyed” and “I will let you go.” While Primal Scream’s version would be confessional or hopeful despite hardship, this version instead presents an interesting and humorous shock with a potentially relationship-ending conversation. Much of the album reaches this level of quality, for even though some of the shorter songs feel like sketches, enough skill and taste is evident that they remain effective and no longer than they need to be. Silent Cure shows considerable ability in creating soundscapes that both repeat older ideas and provide original elements, the effect resembling alternate universe versions of familiar music. No one made it quite like this.
Track list:

  1. Silent Love Song
  2. Symphony Octobre
  3. In Circles to Nowhere
  4. Settimano A Diano Marina
  5. Gratitude
  6. So Annoyed
  7. Synthwave Retrospect
  8. Streetlight Tales
  9. Neon Tears
  10. When Souls Are Leaving
  11. Cyber-Punks Not Dead
  12. Falling Asleep

Silent Cure
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Monograph Records
Justin Roby (c.pollard)

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