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Album CoverSchultz
Album: Shot of Pain
Category: Industrial / Metal / Electro
Label: BLC Productions
Release Date: 2019-05-06


Franz Schultz is a producer from Nice, France that has been putting out harsh electro tracks since 2002. Back in 2018, he teamed up with producer Patrick Emonts and guitarist Guitarfox to try to take the band in a different direction, and after creating “My Wish,” they were inspired to keep going and eventually recorded the album Shot of Pain. Most of Schultz’s old elements are still there, like the heavy danceable beats and distorted synth lines, but they are scaled back a bit to make room for vocals and guitars. Several of the songs are remakes of older tracks, including the opening song “I Hate You,” which essentially trades in a synth line for guitars and adds some harsh scream/growl vocals. After that, the album settles into itself and with few exceptions, Shot of Pain is filled with nonstop dance tracks. Some, like “My Wish,” “Fuck Buddy,” and “Shot of Pain” are reminiscent of WaxTrax! Records in its ‘80s heyday. The album is not without its flaws though. The production sounds a bit hollow and seems lacking in any mid-range frequencies. In addition, some of the synths sound out of sync from the beat, like on “My Wish,” which gives Shot of Pain an unpolished, demo-like feel. Despite these flaws, this is a fun record that should make for a good live show. It is also an interesting reminder that sometimes putting a twist on something modern can then remind you of something old.
Track list:

  1. Used Nerves (feat. Grayssoker)
  2. I Hate You (feat. VDrey)
  3. My Wish
  4. Fuck Buddy
  5. Drugs are Sins (feat. VDrey and K.B.)
  6. Raw Fucking Power (feat. VDrey)
  7. Fake World
  8. House of Misery (feat. Grayssoker)
  9. La Musique Me Rend Sourd (feat. K.B.)
  10. I’m Your God
  11. Bitch
  12. Shot of Pain

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