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Album CoverSapphira Vee
Album: Aerial Human
Category: Electro / Industrial / Rock
Label: Distortion Productions
Release Date: 2022-02-04


One has to admire when an artist like Sapphira Vee can so firmly and prolifically establish a creative vision that, although bearing noticeable traces of her myriad influences and collaborations, manifests as a distinct identity. Aerial Human marks her latest full-length offering, following 2020’s The Mask with a fervent refinement of that record’s qualities – simple yet sharp compositions whereupon Vee builds layers of synth, guitar, and vocals into an ethereal mélange that straddles the line between trippy electro and grating industrial. Songs like “What Is This,” “Metamorph,” and “Pedestal” bombard the listener with sparse arrangements of distorted primal rhythms and lithe vocals that hover eerily through the mix, coalescing at regular intervals into disparate yet tangible melodies in a manner that is sure to remind many of the likes of Collide or Android Lust. On the other hand, shades of The Cure swirl through the ghostly “All Those Things” with its gothic electronic strings and sustained strumming, while the insistent grooves of “Fools” provide ample space for Pee Wee P’s hip-hop vocals and the sampled snippets of bleak jazzy whimsy that come across like what might happen if Lalo Schifrin and Barry Adamson hooked up for a drunken evening. The same can almost be said for the closing “This Gift Was Not Meant For Me” as Roger Ebner’s saxophone accompaniment complements Vee’s restrained yet emotive voice, fragile like glass atop a lilting and saccharine dark pop instrumental. John D. Norten’s voice on “Let the Arrow Break” adds a nice contrast to Vee’s, although the perceived toughness in his approach feels a tad forced; however, this is hardly a detriment as things eventually subside into a lushly harmonious track that ends all too abruptly, while the bombastic, almost militant walls of distorted guitar and percolating synths on songs like “Connect” and “Everything You Don’t Want to Know” resonate like a mechanized cathedral. Physical editions add several selections from the Duet EP as bonus tracks, which really only serve to strengthen the presentation of Sapphira Vee’s collaborative spirit with the presence of Jim Semonik, Mike Reidy, and Chris Connelly; all in all, Aerial Human bears all the hallmarks of her sound, but given added polish that allows the album to wallow less in the monotony that slightly vexed The Mask, and more in the potency of her songwriting.
Track list:

  1. White Aura
  2. What Is This
  3. Connect
  4. Metamorph
  5. All Those Things
  6. Pedestal
  7. Let the Arrow Break
  8. Everything You Don’t Want to Know
  9. Fools
  10. In My Sleep
  11. This Gift Was Not Meant For Me

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