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Album CoverRosetta Stone
Album: Seems Like Forever
Category: Goth / Rock / Electro
Label: Cleopatra Records
Release Date: 2019-05-17


Rosetta Stone was a staple of the mid ‘90s electronic goth/rock sound, and after nearly two decades of silence, the band has returned with the aptly titled Seems Like Forever. However, those who have followed mastermind Porl King’s side project Miserylab in the meantime will definitely experience a bit of déjà vu as several tracks on the album, such as “Children of the Poor” and “What Is the Point,” are re-recordings of Miserylab tracks. While the arrangements are a bit more stripped down, the tracks feel more rehash than re-imagining and may leave this feeling for some that Seems Like Forever is more like a Miserylab greatest hits album. Rehash complaints aside, those tracks still hold up well and the album has several good singles that hearken back to the glory days of mid ‘90s goth. “Tomorrow For Us” definitely shows that King still “has it” with its moody vocals and blending of processed guitar riffs and synth arrangements. That said, the mix of the album and lack of bass makes the album as a whole sound overly tinny, which after several tracks can become quite grating. Seems Like Forever has its moments and it’s good to see Rosetta Stone’s return, but it is much more enjoyable as a “single serving” experience ripe for compilation appearances or coming up randomly in a playlist.
Track list:

  1. Be There Tomorrow
  2. Children of the Poor
  3. People
  4. Dark Times
  5. Making a Bomb
  6. Escape
  7. When You Turn Away
  8. Downplay
  9. What Is the Point
  10. Say What We Mean
  11. Tomorrow For Us

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