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Album CoverRogue Jones
Album: Dos Bebés
Category: Alternative Rock / Experimental / Pop
Label: Libertino Records
Release Date: 2023-03-03
Author: Vincent Rullo (DJ_Underminer)


Disregarding boundaries in captivating ways gives Dos Bebés a pensive yet comfortable aura. As the sophomore album release from the Welsh duo, not counting instrumental and remix companions to 2016’s VU, this record is full of bold sonic choices and memorable melodies. “155 bpm” and “Triongl Dyfed” are up-tempo and dance worthy with a sense of rebellion, while the slow driving movements of contrasting examples like “Off by One” and “Gwaed” are almost painfully beautiful in a brilliantly cinematic fashion by comparison, keeping the listener engaged. With the project named after a famous canine family from Wales, there’s a palpable pride in the band’s roots that underscores Dos Bebés; Rogue Jones’ tried and true lyrical shifting in language between English and Welsh add to the dynamic pacing of the entire project. These details all come together to form an overall gripping and mercurial soundscape that simultaneously entertains the mind and speaks to the heart – you don’t just listen to this album… you feel it.
Track list:

  1. Triongl Dyfed
  2. Off by One
  3. Englynion Angylion
  4. Babette
  5. Fflachlwch Bach
  6. 1, 2, 3
  7. 155 bpm
  8. Y Tad, Y Mab a’r Ysbryd Glân
  9. Lemonade
  10. Gwaed
  11. R. Williams Parry

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