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Album CoverRealize
Album: Two Human Minutes
Category: Industrial / Metal
Label: To Live a Lie Records
Release Date: 2023-09-22
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


From the reddened automated hellscape of Arizona comes this third offering from Realize, with the band further descending into the clutches of technological brutality. Whereas the previous Machine Violence album seemingly attempted to obfuscate its programmed nature, Two Human Minutes revels in it; with the addition of Zack Hansen on synths and electronics, the now quartet presents a far more synthetic and driving sound that is even more in line with the traditions of industrial/metal laid down by Nailbomb, Godflesh, or early Pitch Shifter. Tracks like “Oblivion In Their Eyes,” “In Silence,” “Afterimage,” and “You Obey” all present tightly arranged displays of gutturally distorted bass and guitars atop insistent throbs of synth, voice and ambient samples befitting a factory in the throes of a meltdown, and liberally applied vocal effects that enhance the inherent roar of Kyle Kennedy’s delivery. At other times, his voice takes on an almost punklike grunt, such as on “Body Collapse” or “Killing Party,” the squelching rapid fire electronics and caustic bass tone underscoring the resonant groove of the guitars from Matt Underwood and Matt Mutterperl. “Predawn Gloom” is quite striking for its martial rhythms and darkly melodic arpeggios, while the bubbling loops of “Nature Bot” give rise to shrill, disharmonious juxtaposition of melody and noise. “Din” may be little more than an interlude, but the discordant pianos amid a factory-like throb are certainly arresting, while “Voice Like Cold Running Water” ups the ante as an almost danceable excursion of darkened synth and guitar patterns. Finally, “Crest Dispersal” concludes the album as cold plucking guitars slither malevolently, the down-pitched vocals and overdriven bass tone plunging the listener into the bowels of a mechanized hell. As with the previous album, anything resembling a catchy hook or melody is obscured at best, but there are distinct and sophisticated compositions at play on Two Human Minutes… although they may require repeated listening to discern, and that can be difficult for those unaccustomed to such a ruthless level of sonic force. Nevertheless, this album shows Realize firmly establishing its own identity and making vehement strides to further extrapolate the parameters of the industrial/metal genre.
Track list:

  1. Oblivion In Their Eyes
  2. Body Collapse
  3. In Silence
  4. Unknown Fear
  5. Killing Party
  6. Din
  7. Predawn Gloom
  8. Subtle Movement
  9. Afterimage
  10. Nature Bot
  11. Wishful Thinking
  12. Voice Like Cold Running Water
  13. You Obey
  14. Crest Dispersal

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