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Album CoverPsyclon Nine
Album: Less to Heaven
Category: Industrial / Black Metal
Label: Metropolis Records
Release Date: 2022-08-19


Noise. Aggression. Chaos. Blasphemy. These words come to mind when attempting to describe industrial/metal veterans Psyclon Nine. Less to Heaven, despite its meager running time of under 40 minutes, is tightly produced, well composed, and still delivers a concentrated dose of sheer terror and turmoil that we’ve learned to expect from the band… and then some.

After the introductory “Blood In,” it’s when “See You All in Hell” begins that the vintage Psyclon Nine anti-religion narrative hits you right in the face as Nero simultaneously growls and screams that “There is no God.” It’s also becomes clear at this point that this record is a level up across the board from a production standpoint. Instead of assaulting you with noise and hostility right away, the tracks have a bit of breathing room to them. Nero’s vocal presence on the record feels more nuanced than on previous releases as he dances between his signature scream, a menacing growl, and even a SKOLD-esque sneer.

The record is brutal but not unrelenting as it takes you through a dark and evil journey, even trying some new things along the way. “The Poison will Deaden the Pain” is a fantastic hybrid of glitches and brutal guitars, while “Off with Their Heads” is the closest thing that P9 has had in a long time to a dancefloor track. It is also worth pointing out that Less to Heaven works so much better as a complete listen; the craft is excellent and listening to individual tracks simply doesn’t provide the same flow and narrative. This is especially true during the last portion of the record as “Aprés Moi Le Déluge” would feel right at home on any horror movie soundtrack, the concluding “Blood Out” like watching the end credits of a film that truly left you feeling unsettled.

Over the scope of the band’s entire discography, Psyclon Nine has never truly changed the core aesthetic of noise, blasphemy, and aggression. Less to Heaven acts retains that aesthetic, but is by far the best produced marriage of the band’s various influences and continued evolution. It’s too metal to be industrial, too electronic to be rock, and instead finds a special dark place between all of those things to deliver the best P9 record to date.
Track list:

  1. Blood In
  2. See You All in Hell
  3. Money and Sex and Death
  4. The Poison will Deaden the Pain
  5. Off with Their Heads
  6. X’s On Her Eyes
  7. Catastraophic
  8. Aprés Moi Le Déluge
  9. Blood Out

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