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Album CoverPsalm
Album: Downfall EP
Category: Ambient / Drone / Experimental
Label: Veinte 33 Records
Release Date: 2022-02-21


Downfall is a curious EP in many ways; inarguably a collection of ambient environments, it nonetheless eschews the traditional six-plus-minute-long soundscapes, such as the later twenty minute “BIBLE” single, for shorter two-minute movements. The effect of this is that Downfall plays more like a series of short orchestral pieces, albeit scored with textures and drones, rather than string sections. The procession of the EP invokes an Abrahamic wandering of the desert, foreboding and yet spiritually focused. It’s in this aimless sense of limbo that both the consideration given to the space and the gentleness of the songs reflect a tastefulness of compositions. Lush, angelic vocals and guttural throbs blend with frictional percussion in a sort of industrial soundtrack that would be right at home accompanying a new Doom, if not Silent Hill. The largest criticism to be levelled is perhaps just that in its tastefulness, it ends up feeling a little anemic with the five very short pieces. But to be left wanting more is surely not the worst takeaway to have from an EP. Overall, for those who appreciate such things, Psalm’s Downfall offers an engrossing window into a parallel dimension.
Track list:

  1. Downfall
  2. Abyss
  3. Burn
  4. Eve
  5. Morning Sun

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Colin Andrew MacDougall (VexationsandtheVile)

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