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Album CoverPlanet B
Album: Fiction Prediction
Category: Industrial / Hip-Hop / Punk
Label: Three One G Records
Release Date: 2024-02-09
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


There are few things quite so dangerous as a rebel without a cause… but with a cause, that rebelliousness possesses a powerful weapon indeed. Enter Planet B, the now quartet of Justin Pearson, Luke Henshaw, Kevin Avery, and Scott Osment, who on this sophomore album amplify their noisy synth/punk aggression to hit even harder against a society in decline. There’s a decidedly lo-fi directness to the band’s sound on Fiction Prediction, with trashy hip-hop beats topped with layers of spooky synth passages befitting a ‘70s or ‘80s horror soundtrack; all the while, Pearson’s signature hardcore wail strikes with a white hot fury that one could compare to Perry Farrell having an unhinged psychotic episode – this energy serves him well on tracks like the opening “Dick on the Dance Floor,” in which he decries ill behavior in musical and artistic communities, or the diatribes against bourgeois privilege and hypocrisy on “Filthy Suitcase,” the syncopated beats and bass in tandem with the stuttering synths sounding like a sci-fi carnival gone horribly wrong. Where Fiction Prediction truly wields its might is in the numerous collaborations, with CrowJane adding a darkly sardonic snarl to “The Baader Review” as the choral repetitions of “We’re all the subliminal criminal” are so downright catchy, while Josie Cotton brings an equally mischievous snark to “Let Me Explain This Again,” its lyrics about miscommunication and disinformation ending the album on a grim note. Rappers like Kent Osborne, Ric Scales, and D-Styles further enhance the stylistic synergy, as well as the furiously anti-racist sensibilities of Planet B’s music, with all too palpable lines like “U.S.A. ain’t right” and “Demons interrogate, murder my people” on “Rack More Brains,” or “Peace, these days it seems out of reach, hate will captivate us like a Dr. King speech” on “Terrible Purpose.” Fiction Prediction isn’t without a touch of whimsy, although it’s primarily in the grimy synth patches and the often mangled and scratched samples; however, nothing about this album can be described as easy listening, either in its blend of disparate genres or in the lyrical content… but one doesn’t scream for change in an unjust world by being comfortable.
Track list:

  1. Dick on the Dance Floor
  2. Clogged Sync
  3. The Baader Review
  4. The Bouquet
  5. Terrible Purpose
  6. Horror Movie Called Civilization
  7. Filthy Suitcase
  8. Goals Gone Wild
  9. Rack More Brains
  10. Unreal Estate
  11. Let Me Explain This Again

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