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Album CoverPIG vs. KMFDM
Album: Sin Sex & Salvation (Deluxe Edition)
Category: Industrial / Rock
Label: Armalyte Industries
Release Date: 2024-01-19
Author: Owen Only (OwenOnly)


In 1994, industrial/rock heroes PIG and KMFDM reunited to release the Sin Sex & Salvation EP. Fans will undoubtedly be aware of the history and crossovers between these artists, a description of which is beyond the scope of this ReView, but when collaborations between Raymond Watts, Sascha Konietzko, and company occur, it’s usually a cause for celebration. Now, 30 years later, a deluxe and upgraded rerelease of this classic clash has been unleashed for auditory consumption.

Recordings on the original release have been restored, resulting in a sound quality that is crisp and clear. Among the new additions is a re-recording of “Secret Skin” with KMFDM and PIG alumni Günter Schultz and En Esch. The crunchy guitar parts, electric bass, heavy drums, and Watts’ layered and screaming vocal parts on this new version could fill a stadium, and the extended final chorus is particularly epic. This deluxe edition closes with an extended remix of the song that takes listeners to a synth-and-loop-enhanced auditory plane. Heavy guitar parts and stomping drums are also evident in a new version of the KMFDM classic “Brute” from the celebrated NIHIL album, accentuated by Watts’ snarling vocals.

Pork-infused samples of pig squeals and conversations on United States swine-hunting and gun rights feature on “Fuck Me” and “Fuck Me Hoghunter” to greatly sarcastic effect. Konietzko’s keyboard and production mastery is evident on both tracks, in addition to the industrialized funk vibe of “Rape Robbery & Violence.” Originally a Japanese-only remix of the latter track, the Hard Pork mix by Steve White and Nitzer Ebb’s Julian Beeston opens with low and sludgy keys, but builds to an electrifyingly looped and layered experience. The standout track on Sin Sex & Salvation may in fact be “Disobedience,” a cover of “Dis-O-Bedience” from NIHIL, originally only available on Cleopatra’s Don’t Blow Your Cover tribute to KMFDM. This PIG cover is a slower paced, jazz reimagining led by a cool double-bass and whispery vocals.

With its nuggets of PIG history captured on a single EP/album, fans of Watts should enjoy sinking their snouts into the ample trough of this classic industrial/rock rerelease. The tracks are sonically big and the production tight, best listened to loud. This year also has seen KMFDM releasing a new album and touring the U.S.; although, this EP is an enjoyable nostalgia trip, some fresh music (and live shows) from Watts are what fans would really like, so this is a fine primer for the forthcoming Red Room.
Track list:

  1. Secret Skin
  2. Fuck Me
  3. Rape Robbery & Violence
  4. Fuck Me Hoghunter
  5. Secret Skin [Sex & Salvation]
  6. Brute [PIG Version]
  7. Disobedience [PIG Version]
  8. Secret Skin [PIG Version]
  9. Rape Robbery & Violence [The Hard Pork Mix]
  10. Secret Skin [Extended PIG Version]

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Website, Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram
Armalyte Industries
Website, Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram

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