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Album CoverPete Crane
Album: XV
Category: Industrial
Label: Infacted Recordings / Blind Mice Productions
Release Date: 2020-07-31


Pete Crane is best known as the front man for electro/industrial band Shiv-R, whose blistering tracks and remixes have graced many DJ playlists, compilations, collaborations, and festivals since 2010. More recently, he’s branched out into a couple of instrumental solo albums. XV, so named for the number 15 after the Devil Tarot card on the front cover, blends the aggressive rhythms of Shiv-R with abstract synth textures to great effect. The minimal beats of “Tear You Apart” are punctuated by disembodied samples and a sweeping synth pad; the result is hypnotic and cerebral, and the contrasts between silence and noise are well balanced. “Total Annihilation” is fit for stomping out your bad day on the floor at your local industrial club night, yet there’s still a degree of restraint and structure to it. Another standout is “The Devil,” which plays with various syncopated rhythms and glitched-out, sweeping synths… especially fun when listening with headphones. There are a couple of remixes on this EP as well; the first is from self-described “splatter house/splatter pop” duo Les Berrtas. To be fair, their remix of “Fear” does have a little bit of a house influence within its beats, along with atmospheric synths and, again, plenty of space between the buildups, making them that much more dramatic. The other remix is the single off Crane’s first solo album, That Annihilated Place. “You Are Not Your Body,” as remixed by aggrotech duo Tragic Impulse, strangely feels a little lighter, less aggressive, and more melodic than the original. Overall, especially if you’re new to Pete Crane’s work or wondering what he’s doing when he’s not doing the whole Shiv-R thing, I think you’ll enjoy this album. It somehow manages to be adequately brutal, yet it sounds just as good when it’s played at lower volume at 11:00 at night on a weekday so as not to disturb the neighbors.
Track list:

  1. Tear You Apart
  2. Total Annihilation
  3. The Devil
  4. Numb
  5. Fear [Les Berrtas Remix]
  6. You Are Not Your Body [Tragic Impulse Remix]

Pete Crane
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