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Album CoverParity Boot
Album: Fast Forward
Category: Industrial / Thrash / Metal
Label: MDD Records
Release Date: 2023-05-12
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


14 years is a rather significant gap between albums, but listening to the almost ironically titled Fast Forward, it would seem that Parity Boot has made the long wait worthwhile. The songs on this sophomore album hold true to the German quartet’s brand of industrialized thrash metal, drawing heavily on the foundations of rapid fire guitar licks, drums that hit like a machine gun, and arrangements that hint at a more progressive mindset. Songs like “Too Late,” “Rain,” and the title track move with the full throttle force of a well oiled machine, the interplay between syncopated guitar and keyboard riffs serving as a rhythmic anchor to the more orchestral flairs of pads; others like “Mirrors,” “Nightmares,” and “Virus” take on darker atmospheres, the abrasive clarity of the synths accentuating the directness of the guitars and the beats, steely bass tones particularly driving the songs with a distinctly industrial edge. Samples are interspersed at various times, often during slower breaks that allow the listener to breathe amid the sonic maelstrom before the synthetic rhythmic chug returns in an almost classic MINISTRY-like fashion, while the distorted acoustic strumming atop howling ambience in “Into the Night” present a moment of reprieve that, although an interlude, is one of the album’s best tracks. Also impressive are the vocals, which showcase a dynamic range of throaty lows and soaring highs, vacillating between grunting fury and melodic grandeur, as well as some excellent layered harmonies – they may not possess the inhumanly unbridled prowess of Devin Townsend, but those who miss the genre-bending stylings and magnetic excess of Strapping Young Lad will surely enjoy the depth and power of the whole package all the same. Clearly, the years have done little to stifle Parity Boot, and Fast Forward proves to be no sophomore slump.
Track list:

  1. Dear All
  2. Fast Forward
  3. Mirrors
  4. Lost
  5. Too Late
  6. Into the Night
  7. Nightmares
  8. Rain
  9. Virus
  10. Horizon

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