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Album CoverNUSP
Album: מִלחָמָה (WAR)
Category: Noise / Industrial
Label: Annihilvs Power Electronix
Release Date: 2023-09-01
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


It’s been quite a number of years since Nicole Palmer – a.k.a. Nikki Telladictorian – bludgeoned our eardrums with the scorching electro/industrial fury of Prometheus Burning. She has now joined forces with enigmatic noisemaker Theologian, unleashing this EP on an unsuspecting world “under the shadow of Armageddon,” making its title of מִלחָמָה (WAR) rather apt… no, really… these six tracks are an all-out declaration of war on the synapses, bombarding the listener with noise so potently oppressive that you will likely be begging for mercy, as will your speakers. This may all sound enticing to fans of Telladictorian and Theologian, but it can’t be understated how brutal NUSP’s audio assault is, with only the faintest hints of anything resembling “music” appearing. Case in point, “Celebrity Victims” is essentially a simple ascending progression of warm analog pads slathered in copious amounts of distortion that is steadily overtaking the melody; the same is true of “No Resulta,” in which a light synth phrase descends upon an insistent two-note ostinato, once again submerged in sonic miasma that seems to scream viciously. Cold electronic swells in the opening “Morality Control” strike with a mechanical regularity with a lightning intensity, while a pensive synth loop is practically devoured by the sheer volume of “Graftvshost.” The closing “2024” may remind some of the future transmissions from John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness as a mangled and manipulated voice spouts a diatribe about cycles of social and societal decay, the obfuscation of its inherent meaning almost satirical unto itself. Noise aficionados and fans of Prometheus Burning’s more incendiary and abrasive material may enjoy the blunt force trauma that מִלחָמָה (WAR) inflicts, but don’t expect some continuation of where the latter entity left off – NUSP clearly has harsher abuses in mind.
Track list:

  1. Morality Control
  2. No Resulta
  3. Graftvshost
  4. Celebrity Victims
  5. Distractor Implants
  6. 2024

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