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Album: Mindful Tragedies
Category: Goth / Industrial
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 2020-10-23


Seattle-based producer Nuda has been extremely busy over the last couple of years; between acting as the guitarist for electronic band Possessed Tranquility and the live keyboardist for electro/punk group DK-Zero, she found time to not only join industrial rock act FleischKreig, but also continue her solo career, culminating in her second album, titled Mindful Tragedies. The name represents her personal struggle with mental health over the last few years and her active choice to utilize performance and music to channel those struggles into a musical outlet. Many of the tracks on this record are instrumental, allowing the listener to fill in their own interpretations of the sounds and stories. “Tension” pulls you in immediately, delivering a noisy yet beautiful sound that commands the listener’s notice, while “The Waking” evokes feelings of disorientation from a deep sleep. “Transition” and “Electric” pick up the energy a bit, presenting sounds akin to more dancefloor-friendly electro/industrial acts such as Imperative Reaction and Rotersand, but still devoid of vocals to create space for the listener to complete the pictures in their mind. There are several guest vocal appearances on Mindful Tragedies, with the title track featuring a vocal performance from Abney Park guitarist Skye Warden, which is by far the most direct and literal song on the record with themes of isolation over a surprisingly catchy hook. “What Did You Want to Happen?” features Nuda’s former band Possessed Tranquility and provides a calm, smooth groove that truly showcases her talents as a producer, somehow being both unique and familiar at the same time. The album wraps up with a primarily instrumental track featuring Cindergarden’s Jaymie Valentine performing ethereal chants over a slowly building groove that continuously expands and fills the room as it plays out, simulating what it feels like to have your head overloaded with thoughts and anxieties too massive to address, before fading into an unnerving calm. Additionally, this record was mixed and mastered by D-Punk of DK-Zero, whose remix of “Electric” features added vocals and a much harsher industrial flavor. While the track doesn’t truly fit the themes or overall feeling of Mindful Tragedies, its inclusion draws some much deserved and well-earned higher-profile attention to Nuda. Put simply, she is an artist to watch, and Mindful Tragedies is her best output to date.
Track list:

  1. Tension
  2. Electric [DK-Zero Remix]
  3. The Waking
  4. Missing
  5. Mindful Tragedies
  6. What Did You Want to Happen?
  7. Transition
  8. Electric
  9. All In Your Head

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