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Album CoverNo Names
Album: I Surrender to the Void As of Now I Am the Void
Category: Industrial / Doom / Metal
Label: Machine Man Records
Release Date: 2020-08-28


Industrial/metal these days is experiencing something of a renaissance after departing from the cultural spotlight at the turn of the millennium; among those championing the genre anew are Goulborn, Australia’s No Names, the duo of Stephen Owen and Michael Ritchie. With more than two decades of musical collaboration between them, the pair boast a “bludgeoning, repetitive, regressive sound” on this 2020 offering, I Surrender to the Void As of Now I Am the Void. However, in this tongue-in-cheek description, the band perhaps sells itself short, for although No Names does employ a certain poetic repetition in these songs, the industrial side of the genre sometimes employs this to its detriment; however, the band displays no such dilution of impact “Tedium” is a perfect example of this, despite immediately beckoning Rammstein to mind with its relentless riffage, the compositional dynamics see the song break off into a bridge and refrain that channels the mechanical without detracting from the melodic progression and tension that’s oft more characteristic of the metal moniker. Worth noting is the wonderfully precise yet distorted timbre of the guitar and bass throughout the album. “The Thread” features a sundering, lumbering tone right out of the gates, instilling an immediate atmosphere of rock/metal hearkening to the throbbing riffs of Queen Adreena’s Drink Me. Perhaps the most attention-grabbing of the album, “Fake Faith” blisters with agonizing industrial bliss, the downplayed drums and beefy bass in perfect pocket-symphony, contrasting with utterly abrasive guitar warbles and scrapes. The song calls to mind ISIS, Converge, Cane Hill, and other mellifluous yet relentless metal mainstays with its gritty, bellowing vocals. “Manufacturing Desires” only reinforces this set of influences – more technical, upbeat, and brash, before finally descending into a double-time breakdown. Contrary to the band’s nominal non-entity status, I Surrender to the Void As of Now I Am the Void is a refreshingly brutal breath of fresh air from down under, well worth the attention of any metalhead or industrial lover.
Track list:

  1. The Thread
  2. Tedium
  3. Fake Faith
  4. Manufacturing Desires
  5. Fake Faith [Raven’s Refake]
  6. The Thread [No Names Curse of Youth Dub Mix]
  7. Fake Faith [Decent News Remix]
  8. Fake Faith [Stalk Market Death Industrial Demix]

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