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Album CoverNight Club
Album: Die Die Lullaby
Category: Synthpop / Goth / Electro
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 2020-10-09


The dark electronic music duo of Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks have since 2012 gone on to pillow-pummel the music scene with their unique brand of pop noir through two albums, three EPs, a handful of singles, and a plethora of music videos. Now, this third record, Die Die Lullaby is poised to advance Night Club’s musical journey to the next evolutionary step, co-mixed by industrial music legend Dave “Rave” Ogilvie. The brief intro seems like it’s barely over before you realize you’re five tracks deep as the album dives from one dark pop song to another. “Die in the Disco,” “My Valentine,” and “Miss Negativity” are standout examples of Night Club’s trademark fiberglass-bubblegum sound, but they compete for the title of catchiest track with everything else on the record as one memorable chorus and melody transitions from one to another to another. Compared to the band’s previous records, Die Die Lullaby seems like Night Club’s strongest effort yet. Kavanaugh’s vocals on this record are a much bigger standout than previous releases – more pronounced, melodic, and sickly sweet than ever. Musically, all the electronic layers seem a little more harmonic than before. Whatever Emily and Mark did in the process of making this record seems to be the winning formula, the chemical X seemingly in refinement of earlier processes. Sure, the band has nearly a decade of experience together, but Die Die Lullaby is masterfully crafted from start to finish and lacks a single skippable track. This record is one of the strongest releases of the year and shouldn’t be missed.
Track list:

  1. Go to Sleep
  2. Die in the Disco
  3. Sad Boy
  4. My Valentine
  5. Miss Negativity
  6. Gossip
  7. Misery Go Round
  8. The Creepshow
  9. California Killed Me
  10. Civil War

Night Club
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