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Album CoverNatura Est
Album: The Folly of Mars
Category: Dark Ambient / Drone
Label: Cyclic Law
Release Date: 2023-10-05
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


Autoclav1.1’s Tony Young and Xotox’s Andreas Davids have proven to be a formidable team with their Natura Est project, with each album demonstrating their propensity to explore cerebrally provocative subjects through the framework of dark ambience. With The Folly of Mars, the two address man’s dubious fascination with space exploration, often at the expense of the one world we can still call home; as massive amounts of money are spent on these endeavors, even more is spent depleting natural resources and ravaging Earth to render it unsustainable to our very lives. Such is the titular folly Young and Davids touch on as each track presents nebulous and spectral layers of ambient synth, the faint intimations of chord progressions glacially shifting like waves upon a forgotten shore. From the opening “Extinction Concept” to the title track, there is a decidedly mournful tone to these predominantly minor key excursions, which is par for the course for the genre, but even more appropriate given the album’s concept. Are those voices buried within the distorted washes of pads? Perhaps, and if so, they only serve to enhance the awe and despair inherent to the shimmering tones of “We Will End Time,” and even more so in the sustained organ-like and throaty reverberations of “The Fallen Empire of Man,” and finally in the almost atonal brilliance of “Sum Et Pulvis.” One can choose to hear The Folly of Mars as a requiem for humanity, doomed to a self-inflicted annihilation due to our shortsightedness and hubris… or one can search for the remnants of hope that it’s not too late to heed the warning signs, to overcome our ego and selfishness and focus on the beneficence of our natural world – Natura Est. Would such a search be in vain? That’s up to you.
Track list:

  1. Extinction Concept
  2. With One Eye On the Heavens
  3. The Folly of Mars
  4. We Will End Time
  5. The Fallen Empire of Man
  6. Sum Et Pulvis

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