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Album: State Rejects / Moments of Dissent
Category: Industrial Bass / Electro / Metal
Label: Hybrid Blak
Release Date: 2022-02-11


American industrial bass juggernaut MOЯIS BLAK has seemingly been everywhere over the last two years, releasing the full-length The Irregularity of Being, multiple singles, EPs, and countless remixes for multiple artists. The latest collaboration to come to the table features French heavy industrial duo MOAAN EXIS, with State Rejects / Moments of Dissent standing as a brutal 1-2-3-4 punch of tracks and remixes that truly showcases the talents of both acts and presents another heavy and powerful example of the evolving modern industrial sound they’ve embraced.

The opening “State Rejects” is the clearest example of the collaborative duality between the two acts. The heavy bass and build-ups to big drops that have become a MOЯIS BLAK signature are very present, as well as the gritty, punching percussion and growling vocals that appear in virtually every MOAAN EXIS track. The two feel as if they become one on this track, bouncing their brutality off of each other and not relenting until just before the end. The track also features a perfectly chosen vocal appearance from grabyourface, who hauntingly bookends the only calm parts of the track, providing a brief respite from the chaos throughout the song’s three-minute runtime. “Moments of Dissent” presents a different sort of collaboration; rather than each of the artists bringing a specific flavor to the table and blending it into something that feels like it could have been released by one or the other, it’s more a combination of sounds smashed together in pure chaotic overload. Beginning with a menacing piano, the track abruptly cuts into full-on mayhem with glitches and synths giving way to noisy breakdowns, off-tempo machine-gun drums, cyberpunk noises, and pure insanity until the piano gives way to silence once again. MOAAN EXIS and MOЯIS BLAK are both known for their loud, heavy, and often manic uses of sounds during production, and this track is a pure unfiltered shot of that directly to the ears. The EP also features two remixes, both of which add the remixer’s specific flair to the original tracks. Mechanical Vein gives “Moments of Dissent” the full drum & bass treatment before finishing with a downtempo heavy industrial breakdown, which works rather well considering the original track’s already chaotic and off-beat energy. The “State Rejects” remix by iVardensphere adds pure rhythmic dancefloor energy to the noise and chaos, providing a track that somehow sounds like all three artists collaborating all at once.

Any fan of either MORIS BLAK or MOAAN EXIS would not find any disappointment in State Rejects / Moments of Dissent. Whether they are conspiring together to make the perfect mix of their styles, or harnessing the industrial noise and chaos that both are known for and assaulting the listener with everything they have, these tracks are unmistakably a well-produced example of a blossoming subgenre within the dark electronic realm.
Track list:

  1. State Rejects
  2. Moments of Dissent
  3. Moments of Dissent [Mechanical Vein Remix]
  4. State Rejects [iVardensphere Remix]

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Hybrid Blak
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Ryan H. (DoktorR)

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