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Album: The Irregularity of Being
Category: Darkwave / Industrial
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Release Date: 2019-11-08


Previously showcasing his ample skills in a series of appetizer singles, short EPs, and remixes, MOЯIS BLAK’s first full-length album finally gives us the main course allowing us to feast on his sinister brand of horror-infused industrial bass music. Striking a balance between hard-hitting classic industrial beats, grinding, punishing sound engineering, and moody synth atmospheres peppered with grim otherworldly sampling, The Irregularity of Being excels when it is given the opportunity to wash over the listener whether they be on the dance floor or alone in a dark room channeling their inner demons. The bevy of guest vocalists offer an interesting glance into the multiverse of directions MOЯIS BLAK could take this project, but tracks like the otherworldly “Strange Eternal,” the punishing “Druglicker,” and the epic title track make it clear that MOЯIS BLAK can entrance and disturb the listener, no vocals required. While all the guest vocals are great, the performances of Angel Metro on “Pain” and Slighter on “The Violence” truly shine as their whispery and malevolent styles are best assimilated by MOЯIS BLAK’s grimy machines-from-hell style. MOЯIS BLAK is a powerhouse of sound and The Irregularity of Being is hopefully the first in many more albums to come.
Track list:

  1. Every Limb into the Bottomless Pit
  2. Druglicker
  3. Pain (feat. Angel Metro)
  4. Erase Displace (feat. Pete Crane)
  5. Upgrade Me (feat. Amelia Arsenic)
  6. Strange Eternal
  7. The Violence (feat. Slighter)
  8. Velvet Coil (feat. Noire Antidote and Johnny E. Veil)
  9. The Irregularity of Being

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