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Album: Irregular Revisions Vol. I / Vol. II
Category: Industrial / Electro
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Release Date: 2020-11-27 / 2021-04-23


It has been nearly two years since the release of the masked MOЯIS BLAK’s The Irregularity of Being, with the two volumes of the Irregular Revisions remix companions released roughly five months apart from each other. The result is a unique take on his music that showcases his talents as a producer, for when the tracks are stripped down and rebuilt in the image of the remixer, the elements that made each track unique remain even if the trademark aggression is dialed back. In addition to the remixes, both EPs feature two new original tracks, all of which fall in line with the sounds that MOЯIS BLAK has been experimenting with over the last few years.

Vol. I leads off with “Complicate,” a banger of an original track featuring vocals from darkwave artist and NGP label mate grabyourface. The second original track, “Dead Line” immediately follows and while not as strong as “Complicate,” it still effectively showcases MOЯIS BLAK’s use of multiple bass sounds and effective programming that will still likely fill any dance floor. The remixes follow, with particular highlights including the funky, yet still somehow aggressive treatment of “Pain” by Big Time Kill, Cellmod’s dance floor burning up-tempo take on “Upgrade Me,” and a dark, electro/metal spin on “Erase Displace” by Canadian doomsynth artist GOR FLSH. However, all of the remixes included do exactly what a good remix should do – showcasing the signatures of the original track while putting the remixer’s flavor into the mix, and all of these are flavorful with a heaping side of industrial bass still present.

Moving on to Vol. II, we get a similar track to “Complicate” with “Burying Place,” which features Alicia May on the female vocals this time, but this track features a significant tempo change towards the end that sets it apart from many of MOЯIS BLAK’s previous output. Additionally, “Crystalline” features vocals from Luna Blanc of dark synth project SYZYGYX, delivering a much more up-tempo and relatively standard electro/industrial jam. Moving to the remixes, Vol. II makes up for the lack of a “Druglicker” remix from the first volume with two separate remixes of the track, one getting the heavy cyberpunk Cyanotic treatment (a standout on this release), and the other from the opposite spectrum by electro-pop act CARV.R. Another notable revision on this volume is the noisy down-tempo version of “Erase Displace” from HAEX.

Both of these volumes succeed at showcasing the talents of both remixer and original artist while keeping the signature production and noise elements that made The Irregularity of Being a noteworthy release in 2019. The inclusion of new tracks also gives fans something to whet their appetites while they await the next full-length album. MOЯIS BLAK does one thing extremely well – aggressively noisy industrial bass music; that being said, these remix collections demonstrate that he has a quite a few other production talents that should keep him on the radar as an artist to watch.
Track list:
Vol. I

  1. Complicate (feat. grabyourface)
  2. Dead Line
  3. The Violence [Truly Significant Remix]
  4. Pain [Big Time Kill Remix]
  5. Strange Eternal [SØLVE Remix]
  6. Upgrade Me [Cellmod Remix]
  7. Velvet Coil [Blood Wolf Remix]
  8. Erase Displace [GOR FLSH Remix]

Vol. II

  1. Burying Place (feat. Alicia May)
  2. Cyrstalline (feat. SYZYGYX)
  3. Druglicker [Cyanotic Remix]
  4. Erase Displace [HAEX Remix]
  5. Upgrade Me [Strngr Remix]
  6. Pain [Aura Shred Remix]
  7. Druglicker [CARV.R Remix]
  8. Strange Eternal [In Her Hate Remix]
  9. The Violence [Wavepeak Remix]

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