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Category: Industrial Bass
Label: SHVDOW Records
Release Date: 2023-02-24
Author: Ryan H. (DoktorR)


Industrial bass pioneer Brian Blaknoise has been extremely busy since his last MOЯIS BLAK LP The Irregularity of Being dropped in 2018, appearing on countless remixes, collaborations, behind-the-scenes production work, and even hitting the road for his first headlining tour. When it came to solo productions, however, we’ve only seen a handful of one-offs and horror-themed tracks from the masked man over the last five years… until the release of BURIAL + VOID, which, while brief, delivers more of the bass-heavy audio assault we’ve come to expect, but with a few surprises along the way.

Most of the tracks on this record feature a collaborating artist, and one thing that MOЯIS BLAK does extremely well is allow the unique contributions to stand beside his unique production characteristics. The opening track, “The Abstract” stands out as a strong marriage of the MOЯIS BLAK sound with the multifaceted electro/industrial that genCAB is known for. This narrative continues throughout the record, with the dark techno groove in “Procession” featuring a second collaboration with darkwave act SYZYGYX, the hyper-aggressive drum & bass themed “Malevolent” with self-proclaimed deathsynth artist Kofin, and the pitch-perfect blend of cyberpunk and techno on “House of the Fallen Suns” with Rabbit Junk, as well as an alternate version. The only non-collaborative track on this release is “Deathcoder,” which illustrates Blaknoise’s EDM influence; it’s a manic track reflective of the heavy dubstep and drum & bass sound of his early releases, but with a layer of polish to showcase his evolution as a producer.

Blaknoise allows the guests’ contributions to create a unique and individual product while still binding everything together with the common threads of bass, distortion, and EDM-influenced production. BURIAL + VOID is the latest example in a continuing narrative of MOЯIS BLAK breaking down barriers between mainstream EDM and traditional industrial influences, the diversity and variety featured in its 25+ minutes proving that the limits of the MOЯIS BLAK sound have yet to be discovered.
Track list:

  1. The Abstract
  2. Procession
  3. Malevolent
  4. Deathcoder
  5. House of the Fallen Suns
  6. Fallen Suns

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