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Album CoverMatt Hart
Album: Tales of Terra and Chaos Retold
Category: Industrial / Electronic
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 2021-07-19


Actively releasing original material since 2017, U.K. industrial DJ-turned-producer Matt Hart has perhaps been more recently noteworthy for remixing some of the modern industrial scenes’ biggest names, including Danny Blu, 3TEETH, PIG, and Nachtmahr. Now, the tables turn with Tales of Terra and Chaos Retold, featuring remixes of tracks are from various releases throughout Hart’s discography; though many of these remixes have appeared on other releases over the last few years, this record serves as the best one-stop-shop for fresh takes on Hart’s bass-heavy metal-tinged industrial style, which can account for its seemingly random selection and unbalanced flow.

The remix of “Terrorfying” by hardcore industrial techno artists Moaan Exis starts this collection off with a furious bang; the original track features a spooky groove, but the remix slaps you directly in the face with a boost of energy that establishes a high bar for the remixes to come. Immediately following is a hard-hitting revision of the track “Triolith” by ESA that trades the synthesized guitar sounds utilized by Hart out for signature Jamie Blacker rhythmic noise. Having not released any new material for several years, Canadian industrial/rock act Nitro/Noise appears here with a remix of “Chaos Rising” that takes the existing guitar and metal elements and adds their signature dance floor aggression. One additional highlight on this record is a remix of the track “Requiem” by 3TEETH keyboardist/programmer Xavier Swafford, on which can be heard the sounds and programming calling back primarily to the band’s 2014 debut record. Not every remix on this release is a standout, as the Simon Carter remix of “Triolith” provides more of a techno spin on the track than the ESA version, but doesn’t inherently provide any interesting additions or variants to the original track. Darkwave artists Witch of the Vale provide two remixes on this release, both capturing their cold, goth aesthetic; however, the “Mercury Flow” remix is the highlight of the two, giving off menacing, horror movie soundtrack vibes, while the version of “Terrorfying” suffers from the same issue as “Triolith,” where a superior remix precedes it on the album.

Overall, this is a solid collection of remixes with quite a bit of variety between genres, though it does suffer a bit of irregularity in quality from remix to remix. However, many of these remixes are well produced and do the job that a good remix should – showcase both the original tracks and the remixers’ unique take on them. From that perspective, this is a release to check out if you are a fan of Matt Hart himself or of any of the remixers.
Track list:

  1. Terrorfying [Moaan Exis Remix]
  2. Triolith [ESA Remix]
  3. Outlaws [Antibody Remix]
  4. Killoreality [SPANKTHENUN Remix]
  5. Triolith [Simon Carter Remix]
  6. Terrorfying [Witch of the Vale Remix]
  7. Mechanical Dominion [Monomorte Remix]
  8. Chaos Rising [Nitro/Noise Remix]
  9. Requiem [Xavier Swafford Remix]
  10. Mercury Flow [Witch of the Vale Remix]
  11. Mechanical Dominion [MXD_BLD Remix]
  12. Chaos Achieved [Metalogue Remix]

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