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Album CoverMari Kattman
Album: Is It Really That Bad EP / Fever Shakes EP
Category: Synthpop
Label: COP International
Release Date: 2022-05-18 / 2022-11-18
Author: Ryan H. (DoktorR)


In addition to her numerous contributions and collaborations, Mari Kattman has also taken time to put her songwriting talent to use in her solo material, the most recent of which has come in the form of two brief EPs to signify her debut on COP International and tease at what the future may hold. Starting with the title track of the Is It Really That Bad EP, the production brings a dark synthpop bass line, live drum sequences, and a haunting vocal that showcases the lower end of Kattman’s range. The refrain of “Is it really that bad?” evokes feelings of despair and pain, yet the overall track feels spirited and appealing. Without the power of her voice, the track wouldn’t carry the weight that it does. The B-side track, “Trust” is more along the lines of a catchy dark electro production and shows off Kattman’s octave ranges between the verses and chorus. The remix of “Is It Really That Bad” from Neuroticfish works very well as a futurepop anthem, significantly raising the energy level while keeping the bleak lyrical refrain. On the other hand, Rotersand essentially eliminates most of the original track’s recognizable elements and changes the song into a Rotersand release featuring Mari Kattman; it’s quality fare from a Rotersand “rework” and rounds out the EP nicely.

Album CoverThe more recent of the EPs, Fever Shakes follows a similar configuration, with the title track similar to “Trust” with its dark electro production and catchiness, while highlighting Kattman’s voice as the true star of the show. “Night Life” demonstrates Kattman’s songwriting diversity as its more subdued, seductive nature accentuates a contradiction within the lyrics implying that her “Night Life” may in fact just be alone in the dark rather than something more mysterious. The Interface remix of “Fever Shakes” adds an extra synthpop flair, while the Assemblage 23 remix of “Night Life” infuses the original with some brighter production and dance floor energy, but also manages to not simply sound like a Helix track.

Already known as an exceptional vocalist, Is It Really That Bad and Fever Shakes provide outstanding examples of Mari Kattman’s talent for diverse songwriting. She is far too talented to simply be a feature, and if these tracks are an indicator of what is to come in a full-length record, prepare for the spotlight to be fully shifted her direction.
Track list:
Is It Really That Bad

  1. Is It Really That Bad
  2. Trust
  3. Is It Really That Bad [Neuroticfish Remix]
  4. Is It Really That Bad [Rotersand Remix]

Fever Shakes

  1. Fever Shakes
  2. Night Life
  3. Fever Shakes [Interface Remix]
  4. Night Life [Assemblage 23 Remix]

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