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Album CoverLorelei Dreaming
Album: Future Fables / Retold Fables
Category: Synthpop
Label: Distortion Productions
Release Date: 2021-08-20 / 2022-02-04


Previously working with bands such as St. Griselda, Velvet Acid Christ, and most recently Angelspit, Laura Bienz – a.k.a. Lorelei – burst back on the scene with her Lorelei Dreaming solo project, releasing in 2021 her Future Fables EP, which then led to 2022’s Retold Fables remix companion. Through the Fables releases, the artist has taken another step forward in realizing their own unique sound – gothic, melodic, yet danceable, often simple and accessible, all carried forward primarily by uplifting lyrics and Bienz’s outstanding vocal abilities.

Future Fables does not share much resemblance to 2017’s Banshee from a production standpoint; despite it being somewhat toned back from the chaotic energy of Angelspit, the stamp of Zoog Von Rock’s production styling was quite palpable. Future Fables carries a different kind of energy, bringing more of a moving trancelike vibe, which caters beautifully to Lorelei’s vocals. This is immediately apparent on the opening “Of Stars,” where her voice takes centerstage right away, singing inspiring lyrics before breaking into a catchy synthpop chorus. This sets the stage for the majority of the record as the songs begin with atmospheric and minimalist instrumentation and programming, allowing the vocals to remain the star of the show. A few additional highlights include the trance-meets-synthwave anthem “Night Drive” and the high-tempo final track “Sol Invictus.” Also in a unique touch, included on Future Fables are several remixes by female-led dark electronic groups. Among them is a much heavier and noisier re-imagining of “Of Stars” by KANGA, a goth/rock-infused version of “Night Drive” by FIRES, and a glitched-and-chopped remix of “Sol Invictus” by Chicago DJ and producer Patrixia that barely resembles the original. Even as the remixers took full creative liberties with the tracks, often assembling them to be much more reflective of their own style, they add further attention to Lorelei’s voice as the true soul of Lorelei Dreaming.

Album CoverThis is even more prevalent on Retold Fables. In contrast from those on the original EP, these remixes keep quite a bit closer to the original tracks. Big Time Kill’s remix of “Of Stars” actually bears more resemblance to the original than any of the other remixes of the track. “Miracle” was a fairly straightforward dark pop-infused track, while the remixes by Null Device and Steven OLaf add their own flair with more piano and atmospheric instrumentation. The two remixes of “Night Drive” keep the spirit of the original, but take the track in opposite directions as The Sweat Boys cranks the energy up even higher, while IIOIOIOII pulls it down a bit with heavily layered synths; and yet, both are still heavily carried by Lorelei’s vocals. An additional highlight is the MOЯIS BLAK version of “Cold Rain,” which takes a break from his typical bass heavy remixes to instead present a ‘90s techno styling that showcases his continuing growth and diversity as a producer. Also included are two remastered tracks from St. Griselda – “Nothing Left, Something More” and “Cherished World” – which showcase just how talented she is as a singer regardless of the project.

Talented artist that can carry a project with their voice alone are not extremely common within the dark electronic and industrial scenes, yet Lorelei Dreaming has proven that it is absolutely possible. Future Fables and Retold Fables are a definitive step forward for Lorelei Dreaming into a sound that feels more completely its own – relatively straightforward and even simple at times, but unmistakably true to the trance and pop influence that lets her voice sit right up front and be the star that it is becoming. As Lorelei sings in “Of Stars,” “I can do anything. I got a field full of stars.”
Track list:
Future Fables

  1. Of Stars
  2. Cold Rain
  3. Miracle
  4. Night Drive
  5. To Leave This Heaven
  6. Sol Invictus
  7. Aporia [Lorelei Dreaming Mix]
  8. Of Stars [KANGA Mix]
  9. Night Drive [FIRES In the Night Mix]
  10. To Leave This Heaven [Sawtooth Azazel Mix]
  11. Cold Rain [Eva X Remix]
  12. Sol Invictus [Patrixia Remix]
  13. Miracle [[melter] Remix]
  14. Aporia [Angel Metro Remix]

Retold Fables

  1. Of Stars [Big Time Kill Remix]
  2. Cold Rain [MOЯIS BLAK Remix]
  3. Miracle [Steven OLaf Remix]
  4. Night Drive [Sweat Boys Remix]
  5. Of Stars [daddybear Remix]
  6. Miracle [Null Device Remix]
  7. Sol Invictus [Esoterik Remix]
  8. Night Drive [IIOIOIOII Remix]
  9. To Leave This Heaven [Sapphira Vee Everlasting Mix]
  10. Edge of the World [Daydodge Remix]
  11. Nothing Left, Something More (Remastered)
  12. Cherished World (Remastered)

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