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Album CoverLivernois
Album: :ablation: EP
Category: Industrial / Metal
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 2024-03-01
Author: Duke Togo (Golgo13)


Despite having recently joined harsh electro act Frontal Boundary, Jaysen Craves is showing no intention of sticking his own musical aspirations in the backseat. The :ablation: EP marks the debut of his band Livernois, and if looking at the photos of Craves with band mates Velvet Spade and Keegan O’Reilly weren’t a clue as to their influences, the music will clear that up. From start to finish, these five songs will take listeners on a trip back to the days of downward spirals, antichrist superstars, and teknowhores with bleak electronic atmospheres and guttural rock/metal stylings, topped off with nihilistic lyrical themes delivered by way of Craves’ acidic voice. It’s certainly a bit throwback, but it’s all very well executed, with songs like the opening “Beyond the Gate” and “Tit For Tat” full of glitchy electronics and disquieting samples, chugging riffs, and vocals that move from a seething whisper to a vicious scream and all points in between. The tasteful use of effects on the vocals and guitar are equally noteworthy to strengthen the melodic aspects of the songs, but it’s all still rather dark and dismal. Both parts of the “Tearcatcher” single are included in reverse order, both rather clamorous and even possessing a slightly funky vibe that reminds of nü-metal, while “Hekk Closet” can’t help but garner a few chuckles with shouts of “The devil is inside” and “The end is nigh.” Those who miss the days when industrial/rock and metal was dominated by the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, BILE, Skrew, and others of that ilk can rejoice at the current resurgence of the style, with Livernois certainly doing it justice. This writer would liken it to buying the latest model of your favorite car – it may not be quite the vintage, but it handles the same and you get the new car smell… or in this case, sound.
Track list:

  1. Beyond the Gate
  2. Tearcatcher Pt. II
  3. Tit For Tat
  4. Tearcatcher Pt. I
  5. Hekk Closet

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